Episode 203: Making Plans and Trusting God with Casey Baugh

Casey Baugh is a 40-year-old investor, operator, board member, advisor, husband, and father of 5.

During his 13 year tenure at Vivint, Casey played a critical role in sales leadership helping grow revenue from $30M to $1B. Later he Co-Founded & is a Managing Partner of Sandlot Partners, a private investment firm that has deployed over 350 million dollars since inception.

Casey has also been involved in providing affordable housing to over 100,000 people while deploying $2.2 billion + across 260 communities in 19 states.

Casey is also a Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Green Light Restaurant Group which invests in and helps build exceptional multi-unit franchise concepts like Cup Bop and select full service restaurants including Pizzeria 712, Station 22, Communal, Black Sheep Cafe, 5 Star BBQ, and Banderra BBQ. He has also advised and invested in the early stages of several successful operating companies like Pura Fragrances, Dental Intelligence, Divvy Pay, and Breeze Airways.

Casey is regularly sought out by young professionals and students for his ability to mentor and help them navigate and optimize their own career path and enjoys teaching entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor at BYU to undergraduate students.

I've personally known Casey since 2010 when I worked as an executive assistant at Vivint, and in the past couple of years, I noticed that each Sunday he would repost several people's Instagram stories, tagging him in their “Sunday planning sessions.” I was super curious to know what this process was all about since so many people practice this and share it weekly. Casey graciously agreed to come on my podcast and share not only the process of his Sunday planning that he's taught over the years to so many people, but also the backstory of what led him in life to all of his success and some of the pitfalls that created pathways to what he wouldn't have chosen for himself, but led to greater things that God had in store for him.


Time Stamps:

[02:09] – Casey Baugh says he could have never guessed what his career has been.

[04:05] – Casey recalls a major life lesson that shows sometimes the “worst thing” that could’ve happened is actually exactly what you needed.

[06:58] – “I’m really grateful for it.”

[08:43] – Is there any solution when something unfavorable happens and there’s not much you can do at that moment?

[11:11] – Casey talks about the moment opportunities started coming to him more quickly.

[14:10] – Casey gets honest about unexpected struggles he and his wife faced while building a family.

[16:52] – “This is exactly how it’s supposed to be.”

[19:14] – Casey is really big on planning.

[21:08] – Casey mentions the Law of Two Creations.

[23:44] – How does Casey typically plan his day?

[25:54] – Rewire your brain to have a positive view of yourself.

[27:59] – Do you remember what lights you up?

[29:46] – Have you reconsidered the opportunities available to you?

[32:39] – Casey explains why he writes a 1-page summary of his week.

[35:18] – The most important things should never be at the mercy of the least important things.

[37:17] – You don’t need to be perfectly efficient to get tasks done.

[39:38] – “Getting things doesn’t make you happy.”

[41:53] – Casey talks about why it’s important to pour into others.

[44:11] – What you give comes back to you 10x.

[46:18] – Thank you Casey, thank you for listening, and happy holidays!


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Sandlot Partners website

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