Episode 199: There Will Be Miracles with HXP’s CEO Amy Antonelli

Amy Antonelli is the Chief Executive Officer of Humanitarian Experience (HXP, previously known as HEFY). This summer, HXP sent over 5,000 teenagers out on sustainable service expeditions to 47 global locations. Collectively they are driven by one clear purpose: to love God and love people.

Prior to her work with HXP, Amy acted as a spokesperson for Apple's executive officers, including CEO Steve Jobs, and was instrumental in building PowerSchool, Inc., leading up to its acquisition by Apple. She subsequently led an initiative with the leadership team at Facebook to develop a more mission-driven internal community, and another with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to develop a global self-reliance mentoring strategy.

Amy holds a Master’s degree from Harvard and a Bachelor of Arts from BYU. She served a mission in Italy and Malta, and as the first Executive Director of Rising Star Outreach, she spent seven of the best years of her life living and working among the people of the leprosy colonies in rural India.

She considers her life tangible proof of the promise she lives by: there will be miracles,” and today I got to have an incredibly inspiring conversation with Amy all about how essential it is to really SEE people, both the teenagers she works with at HXP, and the people they serve in their various mission trips. Amy and I talk all about her experiences seeing these teenagers discover what it feels like to truly give your best self to the world and feel the ultimate fulfillment of the joy of living in the moment and being the Savior's hands. If you've ever considered sending your kids on a service trip, this episode is a MUST listen for you.


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Time Stamps:

[01:56] – Amy Antonelli feels she is living the life she was meant to live. Did she know that at first?

[04:47] – Amy describes a crossroad she went through where she rethought her purpose and took an overseas trip to help with disaster relief.

[07:01] – “I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

[09:25] – What did Amy do once she returned from her trip?

[11:56] – Amy explains what solidified her resolve to pursue a humanitarian path.

[14:22] – The HXP experience is a humanitarian effort similar to mission trips, which are common in other denominations.

[15:57] – “We are always, and foremost, followers of Christ.”

[19:36] – One of the highlights of HXP is that participants get to have a digital detox.

[21:57] – What are “positive peer groups”?

[24:20] – Amy shares how beautiful it is to see people come together in service.

[27:13] – Amy compliments the HPX trip leaders and how they pour into the youth.

[29:36] – HPX wants to change the lives of the people being served and the lives of the teens who help the projects.

[31:35] – People can make a difference in a person’s life simply by acknowledging them.

[33:04] – HPX changes lives in a way that goes beyond metrics or accomplishments.

[36:02] – “You’re worth everything.”

[38:56] – Amy talks about witnessing youth find purpose and meaning while doing the HPX trips.

[41:46] – Amy reads a letter of a parent grateful for the influence HPX had on their child: “Thank you and God bless you for your work.”

[44:33] – If you’re considering an HPX experience, ask your youth what feels right for them.

[47:12] – Can you join an HPX trip if you are not of the same faith? (Hint: Yes. Amy explains why and the ways to participate.)

[49:32] – Give youth a chance to rediscover their purpose.


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