Episode 197: Here’s to Your Dreams! with Dave Hollis

Dave Hollis is a New York Times best-selling author, host of the popular Rise Together podcast, keynote speaker, and life and business coach. Dave’s history includes CEO of a media start-up, former President of Sales for the film studio at The Walt Disney Company, a talent manager across film, tv, and music and work in publicity, research, and technology in the entertainment sector. Dave is the father to four kids, a four-time foster parent, an avid runner, sports memorabilia enthusiast, and the proud owner of a 1969 Ford Bronco. Dave is releasing a brand NEW book tomorrow called Here's to Your Dreams! A Tea Time with Noah. He wrote this book with his 5 year old daughter Noah to encourage her, and anyone else who reads this book, to believe in themselves, have courage, and chase after their dreams. Dave opens up to me in this interview about some of the recent challenges, failures, learning experiences and paradigm shifts he's experienced in his life. We talk about entrepreneurship, parenting, relationships, finding your path in life, and really facing your fears in order to be the person that God intended you to become.


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Time Stamps:

[01:15] – Dave Hollis says he had this very human reaction to people reading his books.

[03:30] – Why did Dave decide to write a book with his daughter?

[05:43] – “The Pursuit of Dreams.”

[08:33] – You can pursue your dreams while being the good friend, parent, and all the other roles you have in life.

[10:07] – Are your beliefs your own or beliefs you adopted from what you were surrounded by? PART 1

[12:42] – Are your beliefs your own or beliefs you adopted from what you were surrounded by? PART 2

[14:56] – How much does culture and generation play into our worldview?

[17:34] – Progress is progress.

[20:29] – What’s the difference between pursuing a goal for performative reasons versus personal growth reasons?

[23:09] – Dave says he felt proud of himself when taking on a new challenge. What was it?

[24:55] – “Failure is nothing more than information.”

[26:50] – How can you use failure to get better?

[29:56] – Focus on celebrating the effort.

[32:49] – Is there a way to offer support to your children in their “failures”? PART 1

[35:34] – Is there a way to offer support to your children in their “failures”? PART 2

[37:40] – What does it mean to be present while someone works through their own problems?

[39:22] – Dave discusses the beauty of sharing this book experience with his loved ones.

[42:11] – “The Permission to Dream.”

[44:34] – There is “purpose” inside you that you can unlock and gift to others.

[47:10] – Dave talks about what he is looking forward to next, and how he’s building his life to suit him and his purpose.

[49:56] – Where is Dave focused on most?

[51:47] – Love yourself as you are.

[53:56] – Be confident in who you are.

[55:42] – Thank you Dave, and thank you for listening!


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“Here’s to Your Dreams!: A Teatime with Noah Book” Book by Dave Hollis


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