Episode 196: The Power of Story Brand with Emily Snyder

Emily Snyder loves collecting experiences and loves inviting people to take their thinking one step deeper than usual.

With a teacher’s heart, she graduated from BYU with a degree in Elementary Education. From there Emily has had a variety of professional “chapters” in her life: she has taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade; worked for the Church of Jesus Christ’s, general Relief Society presidency; helped run Professor Clayton Christensen’s world at the Harvard Business School; was the Chief of Staff at Magnolia (Chip and Joanna Gaines’ company in Waco, TX); and was president at Establish Design, a gorgeous interior design company.

Currently, Emily is consulting with various organizations and is a Senior Product Manager for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Today Emily and I get to really dive deep into what the Story Brand is all about. It’s a philosophy that has helped countless businesses get really clear on who they are and exactly what they offer to others, including our own Mint Arrow brand. Today as you listen, try to really incorporate what Emily is teaching into whatever organization you’re involved in, whether that’s your business or your family or your church community or even yourself as an individual and what you uniquely bring to this world.


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Time Stamps:

[01:21] – Emily Snyder talks about the experiences that have a huge influence on her career path.

[03:46] – Emily recalls moving to Boston with no job and ending up at a top university. What happened?

[06:24] – “I didn’t know that I had big dreams until then.”

[08:57] – Where did Emily find an interest in Story Brand?

[11:03] – Emily gives the core aspects of Story Brand using “Little Women” as an example: Character.

[13:58] – Story Brand “Little Women” example: Problem.

[15:13] – Story Brand “Little Women” example: Guide(s).

[17:44] – Why do you need to clarify these core aspects of a story?

[19:14] – Emily explains the underlying message of brand messages using famous candy examples.

[22:13] – It takes a deep dive to articulate an internal struggle in a message.

[26:57] – How do you define your edge or unique perspective?

[29:02] – Epic stories have power since they have something that resonates with all of us.

[31:33] – Emily touches on Apple’s ability to tell a story with their products without the focus being on the products.

[33:18] – “The power of the hero.”

[35:21] – Be clear on the product offering and know what’s the purpose.

[37:00] – Who is the “hero” in society?

[38:51] – Why is being a Story Brand guide fulfilling to Emily?

[40:46] – Everyone has something powerful to offer the world.

[43:39] – What are you helping people accomplish in life?

[46:12] – Life’s greatest opportunity is to discover and offer your uniqueness.


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