Episode 194: Navigate the Strait: A Book Review

Today Neil and I are sharing a book review of Navigate the Strait, a dying father's testimony to his children about faith, covenants, and eternal life. Navigate the Strait is an insightful look at one man’s journey through an active life of teaching, learning, and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is ending in the slow, downward spiral of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. We briefly discuss some of our favorite parts of the book, and then share interviews from 3 people who know Brad and his family intimately. Each of these interviewees share what they admire about Brad, what they loved about his book, and their favorite takeaways that they learned from reading it. I haven't stopped handing copies of this book out like candy, and not because I just want to support a nice guy, but because it's such a refreshing and honest look at our faith from a guy with a unique perspective of knowing he's in his last days on this earth.


Time Stamps:

[00:07] – Who is Brad Smith to Corrine and Neil?

[01:51] – What’s different about Brad’s book Navigate the Strait?

[04:49] – Corrine and Neil share their favorite themes from Brad’s book.

[06:53] – “I’m all in.”

[08:43] – People will struggle with tradition and culture changing.

[11:27] – Sometimes traditions need an update. How can communities do this?

[14:26] – “Do hard things cheerfully.”

[16:46] – Repentance is more about a change of direction than feeling guilt.

[18:41] – Daily efforts build up to something really beautiful.

[20:16] – Face life with wisdom, grace, and an eternal perspective.

[22:31] – Life always needs a little humor.

[24:49] – Elders can help teach and spread the nature of God.

[27:29] – Testimony is simply your personal experiences of applying the scripture to your life.

[30:13] – “If they can do it, I can do it.”

[32:51] – Let God prevail. God’s plan is often better than what we imagine.

[35:43] – “Never say ‘No’ to the Lord.”

[38:18] – You can mix Godly principles in all parts of your life.

[40:20] – Don’t let anything stop you from doing God’s will.


Supporting Resources:

“Navigate the Strait: One Guy’s Thoughts on the Narrow Passage to Eternal Life” by Brad Smith


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