Episode 189: Burnout, Anxiety and Perfectionism with Dr. Carolyn Rubenstein

Carolyn Rubenstein, PhD is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Florida specializing in anxiety, burnout, perfectionism and trauma. She particularly enjoys helping anxious overachievers experience greater ease by finding worth in being, not just doing.

Dr. Rubenstein is the Chief Wellness Adviser for Misfits Gaming Group, a global esports and entertainment leader, building thoughtfully tailored programs from the ground up for its competitive teams, its content creators, and all staff to boost productivity and strengthen the culture of the organization. She lives in South Florida with her husband and two young kids. I found Carolyn on Instagram earlier this year and have LOVED following along with all of her incredibly helpful content that not only really resonates with me and my very apt-to-burnout lifestyle, but I love that all of her posts give actionable takeaways that have honestly made my life better! She and I get to talk all about anxiety, burnout, perfectionism and building self-esteem today and I think you're going to absolutely LOVE this episode.


Time Stamps:

[00:59] – Dr. Carolyn Rubenstein’s passion to help people starts from her childhood. What happened?

[03:12] – Dr. Rubenstein shares the two lessons she learned in college that transformed how she viewed the medical world.

[05:41] – How can people recognize that they have anxiety?

[07:15] – Dr. Rubenstein shares the first steps to address anxiety and create a little separation from the feeling.

[10:10] – How can parents notice and speak about anxiety with their children?

[13:04] – Dr. Rubenstein shares how kids can have conversations around intense or ambiguous feelings like anxiety.

[15:13] – Return your focus to you and check in with yourself.

[17:50] – These are signs that you may have burnout or be on the path to burnout.

[20:15] – To move away from burnout, first identify what in your life is draining you.

[22:58] – You can have routines and mini routines for when you need to regroup yourself.

[25:01] – What does Dr. Rubenstein think about self-care?

[27:11] – Create a self-care menu of activities that bring you peace.

[29:53] – Corrine and Dr. Rubenstein share what’s part of their self-care menu.

[31:52] – What are signs of perfectionism?

[34:50] – Dr. Rubenstein talks about whether perfectionism comes from internal pressure or external pressure.

[36:28] – How can someone build healthy confidence? How can this be done with children?

[39:28] – Help children see themselves as the multifaceted person they are.

[41:19] – Dr. Rubenstein encourages you to trust yourself and your ability to handle hard moments.


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Carolyn’s website

Carolyn’s Instagram @carolynrubensteinphd


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