Episode 188: What to Do When Someone Leaves the Church

One of the most frequently asked questions in my DMs these days goes something like this: “So many of my friends or family are leaving the church. What do I do or how do I respond?” This really is a hard thing if you love your church as much as we do, but the way you respond is extremely important in doing exactly what we feel called to do as members of any church that worships God, which is to show love and kindness. Today we're going through a few key things that will help you navigate situations when people you love leave church, or leave their faith.


Time Stamps:

[00:40] – Corrine says she keeps seeing this question lately about friends and family leaving the church.

[03:23] – We cannot force matters of the heart.

[06:13] – Let people have their own agency.

[08:49] – Do people who leave the church expect you to reach out? (Hint: Sometimes.)

[11:29] – Neil brings up how we can show unconditional love towards our family and friends who leave the church.

[14:05] – “Just listen.”

[16:46] – Corrine talks about how we’re all in need of God equally.

[18:21] – What do you do when your spouse is leaning away from the church?

[19:51] – Neil says you don’t carry the burden of convincing people to come back.

[21:48] – Always make people feel welcomed for whenever they decide to return.

[24:48] – When it’s time, people will make a change on their own. Don’t be afraid to offer a simple invitation.

[27:38] – “Is this the right time?”

[30:28] – Our ability to extend a hand to others is powerful.

[32:07] – “All of us are free to choose.”


Supporting Resources:

“Preparing the Heart” talk by H. Burke Peterson


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