Episode 182: Choosing Joy: What You See is What You Get

Are you facing a really big challenge in life right now? If you are (and the chances are pretty high that you are, because most people are!) then today’s episode might be just for you. We're talking about choosing joy and having a positive perspective no matter your circumstances, a few of the ways to do that, and how it will impact your life.


Time Stamps:

[00:28] – Flip the script from sadness to joy.

[02:43] – Corrine shares her pregnancy journey over the past months. What has she felt lately?

[05:04] – Corrine talks about going to Disneyland during her pregnancy.

[06:58] – Bonus: A reservation tip for your next Disneyland trip.

[08:56] – What made Corrine nervous that she was experiencing a miscarriage?

[11:25] – Corrine talks about an ultrasound that took an unusually long time. What was going on?

[13:37] – Placenta previa is why Corrine was directed to be on bed rest.

[16:36] – Joy is less about circumstances and more about what you focus on in life.

[18:47] – Neil shares how he feels about this recent pregnancy journey and how he takes one day at a time.

[20:30] – Corrine says that thinking of her “why” empowers her to see a bright future.

[23:02] – Trust that what’s happening now is adding up to something greater.

[26:00] – Challenging times can turn into blessings.

[27:38] – How often do you remind yourself of the eternal perspective? It can make everything clear and remove the distractions.

[29:49] – Corrine encourages you to see the micro and macro purpose of your current journey.

[31:28] – Neil discusses decision-making based on an eternal perspective. What actually matters?

[34:23] – Allow yourself to be happier. Your purpose is to have joy.

[36:26] – Here are five things that keep life in the eternal perspective.


Supporting Resources:

“The Adventure of Mortality” Talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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