Episode 169: Bottles and Baskets: How to Feel Better about Your Motherhood

Your motherhood probably looks completely different than mine. But I bet we have one thing in common if you're a mother too. I bet you have days where you feel really down in the dumps about how good of a mother you are, or you FEEL you are, that day. It happens to me, and I bet it happens to you. So today I'm sharing my go-to talk when the cloud of comparison starts to creep into my calling as a mother. Whenever I feel like I'm not measuring up to whatever standard I think others may have for me as a mother, whenever I catch myself thinking I'm not doing a good job because someone's doing it better, these are the things I do to help get my mindset back on track and my vision clear and really see motherhood the way I believe God would have me see.

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Time Stamps:

[01:00] – Today’s episode is about appreciating motherhood.

[04:45] – Corrine shares this analogy that shows why motherhood comes in different forms.

[07:42] – Corrine and Neil discuss how the motherhood of their upbringing may be different.

[09:23] – You don’t need to compare your motherhood to other mothers. Do this instead.

[11:54] – Corrine reveals how she realized that her pride held her back from following her version of motherhood.

[14:21] – You deliver motherhood in a way that preserves the fruits of your efforts best.

[16:56] – Everyone’s family life is going to be different, but Heavenly Father knows exactly what the needs of the family are.

[19:22] – Bring the fruits of the spirit into your home.

[21:43] – Corrine reminisces on the tougher parts of motherhood. For her, it was the toddler phase.

[23:54] – Learn throughout every phase of motherhood.

[25:59] – Corrine and Neil assure everyone that parenthood isn’t always great, but you can usually laugh at it later.

[28:27] – Corrine talks about learning to be more attentive to the path of her own motherhood.

[31:01] – Don’t get obsessive about motherhood. You’re doing better than you think.

[33:58] – Give yourself grace as a mother.

[35:46] – Uplift fellow mothers.


Supporting Resources:

“Baskets and Bottles” Talk by Chieko N. Okazaki

“Beware of Pride” Talk by Ezra Taft Benson

“Behold Thy Mother” Jeffrey R. Holland


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