Episode 166: Pivoting and Finding Purpose with Mandi Gubler

In 2010 Mandi Gubler started her DIY blog, Vintage Revivals, with a can of yellow spray paint and blind enthusiasm. Since then her projects have grown from thrifting and painting furniture to renovating the Santa Clara Mercantile building and turning it into her family’s dream home. The renovation was thrilling enough that it caught the attention of and was documented by Magnolia. 2 years ago she started a second company, Happy Happy Houseplant, and shares her love of houseplants with the world, teaching fun and approachable houseplant care. She lives in Southern Utah with her husband Court, 3 kids, and hundreds of plants. On a personal note, Mandi was a mentor to me in my early blogging days and was even my sponsor when I worked the 12 steps, and I consider her one of my dearest friends. Mandi and I are chatting today all about what it was like totally transforming the home they live in and how her passion has shifted a little from these huge DIY projects to now teaching people to bring new life into their homes by way of plants, and how to actually keep them alive. If you know Mandi, you know you're really in for a treat with this episode.


Time Stamps:

[01:18] – Mandi Gubler is motivated by connection and experience.

[04:17] – Mandi believes she can make anything work, which drives her to be resourceful.

[06:31] – When did Mandi release the need to force things into working? She explains her trust that what needs to be done will be taken care of.

[08:55] – Mandi talks about how invested she gets into her extreme DIY projects.

[11:44] – Intentional and intense DIY can be tricky when trying to fit a timeline.

[13:51] – Mandi recalls a moment of being consumed in intense work. What did she feel?

[16:07] – Mandi explains how she came up with an idea for another stream of revenue in her business.

[18:29] – A moment came where Mandi needed to choose which project to give most of her energy towards. How did she choose?

[21:16] – When you feel drawn to something, lean towards it.

[24:03] – Mandi is proud every time she sees someone share their story of their plant projects.

[26:36] – Mandi explores the impact the business and projects had on her marriage and her identity.

[29:26] – Mandi shares her journey of creating more space between her identity and her work.

[31:00] – Why did overworking make Mandi feel “okay”? Mandi shares a revelation she had about her work style.

[32:50] – Projects should focus on the process, joy, and excitement.

[35:13] – Mandi talks about feeling safe in pursuing her expression and work in life.

[36:57] – Each person is much more than identities and roles; they are a whole person.

[38:51] – Corrine talks about allowing yourself to evolve, and embracing the path falling into place as you work towards your goals.

[40:07] – In the middle of difficult change, it feels bad, but that’s how we get to be better.

[42:31] – We all have a beautiful light inside us that connects to the light in other things. Mandi explains what this means.

[44:42] – Be open to connecting with what you are drawn towards.


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