Episode 154: Living with Lyme with Lindsay Nielsen

Lindsay Bird Nielsen of the Lindsay Report is a longtime friend of mine who has battled with Lyme disease for most of her life, even before she knew what it was. She has also suffered the loss of both her parents and is married to France Nielsen who also lost both of his parents. Lindsay is someone I look to on how to deal with grief myself, and I learned so much about empathy and compassion for those who have Lyme disease by following her Instagram and listening to her stories of what that challenge is really like. So today, I’m walking with Lindsay through her story of Lyme and what has helped her over the years to understand this disease and take back control of her life despite this ongoing challenge. She also shares with me some of her insights on grief, loss, and how to help others struggling after any kind of loss, and what we can do to really understand and love others who are struggling with any of life’s challenges.


Time Stamps:

[01:00] – Lindsay Nielsen gives a snapshot of her life and how that led to her becoming known on social media.

[03:27] – Social media became Lindsay’s outlet of expression and also a way to advocate for Lyme disease.

[05:06] – Lindsay talks about the cycle she goes through with pregnancy and managing her health.

[07:23] – How does Lindsay feel about doing her best to manage her health?

[09:10] – What prayer did Lindsay say in a low health moment that shifted life for her?

[11:58] – This is the moment Lindsay actually found out she had Lyme disease and set her on a personal mission.

[13:53] – Why is Lyme disease difficult to diagnose?

[16:26] – Lindsay shares a story from the time she had a strong reaction to a treatment.

[18:02] – What is the pyramid-like ripple effect caused by the damage of Lyme disease? How can people try to check for Lyme disease?

[20:57] – Lindsay shares her perspective on what helps people who deal with Lyme disease. She emphasizes trusting your instincts about your care providers.

[22:27] – Lindsay gives her tips on managing inflammation, the power of sleep, and optimizing your living space for better health.

[24:47] – How can people assist or support anyone managing Lyme disease?

[26:52] – Lindsay talks about the importance of the support system about her and gets candid about the dynamics in her network of relationships.

[29:27] – Lindsay and Corrine discuss loss in life and things unfolding the way they are meant to.

[32:27] – Listen to Lindsay recall the last moments of talking with her dad. She gives her view of grief.

[33:58] – What words from Lindsay’s dad deeply impacted her?

[35:52] – Lindsay says that it’s okay to allow yourself to feel loneliness in grief. How does she deal with these feelings?

[38:06] – This small habit of Lindsay’s mom still lingers with Lindsay.

[40:33] – What role does faith and acknowledgement play in the way Lindsay manages grief?

[42:14] – Lindsay encourages people to reflect on what they “want” when dealing with grief one day at a time.

[44:13] – Everything about grief can be fragile, so give yourself grace.

[46:05] – Advocate for yourself and be relentless in finding the answers to give you the life that you want to live.

[48:32] – Life is good.


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