Episode 143: It’s Never Too Late

Have you heard Robert Downey Jr’s comeback story? If not, you're in for a treat because it's a good one. We're sharing that and some of our other favorite examples and thoughts on how to overcome your rock bottom places in life and that it's never too late to go where you need to go and become who you need to be.

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Time Stamps:

[00:24] – What inspired today’s topic?

[02:09] – From an early age, Robert Downey Jr’s environment exposed him to drugs and fame.

[04:07] – In the early 2000s, Robert Downey Jr’s tumultuous relationship with substances and arrests drove him to his rock bottom.

[05:32] – How did Mel Gibson help Robert Downey Jr. secure a chance to show he changed for the better?

[07:38] – Neil talks about the realistic dynamics of a comeback story. It’s not always quick like the triumphant stories in movies.

[09:58] – Age can seem like a limiting factor, but it’s actually not much of a factor at all.

[11:37] – A comeback story can be gradual and occur day by day. Neil reads an excerpt that explains how subtle change is still a real experience.

[13:12] – Here is context on great figures used as examples of powerful stories.

[14:43] – How do Corrine and Neil resonate with the idea of a gradual comeback story?

[16:04] – Corrine mentions her grandfather who experienced a major positive change later in life.

[18:43] – What can you do if you find yourself running into the same mistakes?

[20:58] – Most people go through a lot of trial and error before “hitting it big”. Keep this in mind before giving up.

[23:38] – Corrine expresses her thoughts about refocusing our personal perspective of life. Neil reminds everyone to not get caught in the entitlement trap of thinking about what “should” happen.

[26:29] – What can keep someone motivated to take the most helpful and efficient actions?

[28:57] – Corrine shares how she gets through the day with intention and what helps her make decisions.

[30:28] – Corrine reflects on understanding her habit of being future-orientated.

[33:17] – Corrine talks about being a superwoman as she balances family and business.

[35:54] – When did Corrine stop trying to fight for control of things that were out of her hands?

[38:25] – What are the positives Corrine remembers that came around during and after her divorce process.

[41:22] – How did Corrine gather strength when trying to move forward in her life?

[42:51] – There will always be hard times. Here is the choice we all have to make them better.

[45:21] – Corrine and Neil discuss how you can make your journey easier or tougher depending on your choice.

[48:02] – Look at the future knowing it’s all going to be okay.

[50:33] – It’s okay if you’re taking the tiniest baby steps in your comeback story. You’re still progressing.


Supporting Resources:

Book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

“Give Us This Day OUr Daily Bread” Talk by D. Todd Christofferson


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