Episode 136: Cafeteria Plans, Obedience, and Blessings

Lately for some reason I feel like the concept of a “cafeteria plan” of the gospel of Jesus Christ keeps coming up in my life. So is that even a thing? What does that even mean? Is it something we subscribe to? Neil and I dive deep into this and use some scriptural references and quotations by people far wiser than we are to talk about where we stand with all of this. We also give some examples from our own lives of obedience and blessings and how the principle of being wholly converted has changed our lives.

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Time Stamps:

[00:37] – Today’s episode originally had a different topic planned, but something else came up: the Cafeteria plan. Corrine explains the meanings associated with the Cafeteria plan analogy.

[03:37] – Neil gives an overview of the Abraham and Isaac story, which gives an example of obedience.

[06:36] – Obedience brings blessings. Don’t cheat yourself out of blessings.

[08:19] – Corrine reads a scripture related to receiving blessings in surplus from being obedient.

[10:31] – Corrine expresses compassion for those struggling with being in the church. She vulnerably touches on her own experience of feeling constrained and distant.

[13:17] – Temptation can be present, but lean towards obedience.

[15:34] – Neil agrees that there is growth available in being obedient. He acknowledges that obedience is an exercise of faith.

[18:26] – What are the results of “picking and choosing commandments” versus “keeping all commandments”?

[21:03] – Commandments are given with the idea of protection and happiness.

[23:25] – Obedience is not strictly about doing everything perfectly. Corrine talks about what it means to give full effort in the moment.

[25:06] – Neil brings in the topic of atonement in relation to obedience. He emphasizes why grace supports the commitment of obedience.

[27:53] – Neil and Corrine share their thoughts on the determination to improve obedience. Both agree that wanting to improve is better than letting perfection stop progress.

[30:41] – Try and show up. Be present to at least show the interest and willingness to give an effort.

[32:48] – Neil talks about his insight from finding himself at either side of the obedience spectrum in different situations in his life.

[34:47] – Corrine describes times in her life she felt that keeping the commandments helped her prosper.

[36:34] – Corrine gives an example about doing the work and remaining faithful to the work. Neil explains that making the decision to try opens the way for support and help to show up.

[39:27] – Neil talks candidly about accountability in the walk of obedience.

[40:57] – Corrine speaks to the life changes that come from the commitment of internal growth.

[43:40] – There’s a lot of chatter and noise in the world. Let’s focus on the eternal principles we’re given.


Supporting Resources:

“Born of God” Talk by Ezra Taft Benson

“Addiction Recovery Program: A Guide to Addiction Recovery and Healing” ARP Manual from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

“Face the Future with Faith” Talk by Russell M. Nelson


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