Episode 132: Radical Candor vs. Counsel Together

I love to read, and one of the books I started reading this year (after hearing many business people rave about it) was Radical Candor. This book has some GREAT lessons and takeaways, and in trying to implement the number one takeaway in the book, I felt like I really failed. Today I’m sharing what I think I did right, but mostly where I went wrong, who helped me to see the situation more clearly and most importantly, how to do better next time.

Time Stamps:

[00:31] – Being honest can help keep others safe and can avoid worse situations in the future.

[03:18] – I talk about a time I challenged life with radical candor. Despite going through with it, I did feel a bit awkward.

[06:00] – My father has a great ability of giving honest feedback. When I told him about the situation, he gave this tip about feedback.

[07:40] – What is Neil’s view of the situation? He speaks on awkward moments in relationships and why not communicating doesn’t make things better.

[10:07] – Honest communication in hard situations is all about the delivery of that communication.

[12:51] – Sometimes it’s best to involve people in the process of the solution or criticism. I share what happened when I used this approach in parenting.

[15:34] – Neil describes the importance of counsel and fostering clear communication.

[17:43] – Retelling religious text, I give background to the story of the counsel and the decision before the creation of the Earth.

[20:37] – We’re allowed to choose. It’s up to us to decide what we’d like to follow.

[22:34] – Neil and I share the way we talked to our kids about healthy and constructive methods to handle feelings.

[25:19] – Neil mentions the change in how our children manage conflict and feelings now.

[26:46] – Neil and I discuss how amazing a great communicator navigates a tough position by referencing a biblical story.

[28:20] – Communication is absent of shaming and berating.

[31:10] – What are the attributes of properly using authority?

[33:07] – Frustration is natural, but sometimes it doesn’t do good to project that onto others.

[35:07] – Here’s the verdict on “radical candor vs. counsel together”.

[36:37] – Neil gives the practical side of communication to remember when things don’t go as expected. Corrine suggests the one plan that always works.

[39:31] – Take these tips for the next time you need to give feedback to someone.


Supporting Resources:

“Family Councils” Talk by M. Russell Ballard

 “Christlike Communications” Talk by L. Lionel Kendrick


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