Episode 129: Grant and Si Foster on Answering the Call to Serve

My parents, Grant and Si Foster (who is also known for her blog, a bountiful kitchen) just returned from an 18-month mission to Spain, Barcelona where they taught, led and counseled with and mentored young adults in our church. I really wanted to ask them in detail about their mission and what they learned and experienced and how they got through the pandemic while truly locked down inside their little apartment (which they called their piso) for 70 days, and were under restrictions almost their entire mission. Today we talk about the Lord’s timing, listening to His voice, answering the call when you feel you need to serve, how to really make the most of your mission, adjusting to mission life and then back to civilian life after the mission, and their advice for those thinking of serving as senior missionaries.

Time Stamps:

[00:54] – I welcome my parents to the show, and ask them to explain how they came to accept their missionary work.

[03:44] – What were the lifestyle adjustments like for my parents as missionaries in a new environment? 

[06:06] – Si talks about the couple dynamics that shifted during the missionary work. 

[07:52] – What is Grant’s advice about doing missionary work with a spouse? How does the bond change during this time?

[10:20] – Grant and Si explain that they kept a flexible schedule to keep themselves on track and active.

[12:56] – Being proactive and defining the mission were huge factors in Grant and Si’s contribution to the missionary work.

[15:20] – Si shares what she feels about the timing of the missionary work while going through the pandemic.

[17:18] – From Si’s perspective, the junior missionaries were specially equipped to help the community through social media.

[19:20] – From Grant’s perspective, every role and contribution offered a special contribution, even their age.

[22:20] – Grant and Si talk about being amazed with the messages they recognize about how they were inspiring other people.

[25:10] – Grant describes the location the mission was held within.

[27:00] – What was the pandemic lockdown like during the missionary work in Spain?

[29:55] – Grant and Si share that they kept a unique journal to keep a log of the journey.

[31:51] – What did Grant and Si counsel the young missionaries about? What were the concerns of the young missionaries?

[34:49] – Grant and Si recall when several missionaries went home at the beginning of the pandemic related to physical and mental health.

[37:00] – In missionary work, service is the center of your perspective.

[39:59] – Si talks about the baptisms that happened during the missionary work.

[42:15] – Grant shares how aware and mindful they tried to be towards the young adults. He talks about the full circle moment between in person connection and the digital connections.

[45:15] – How does Grant and Si feel about readjusting to life after coming back?

[47:19] – Once coming back home, Si says she realized how easy it is to fill up life with being “busy”, and learning to apply lessons from missionary work to everyday life.

[49:55] – Grant and Si explain that they had plans to do missionary work, but the opportunity presented itself naturally.

[52:28] – Si emphasizes the benefits of missionary work for couples. Si talks about older couples giving grace to themselves to go on a mission.

[55:01] – I share about why I am grateful my parents were able to fulfill their missionary work.


Supporting Resources:

Adjusting to Missionary Life” Church of Jesus Christ Resource

A Bountiful Kitchen” Si Foster’s food blog

Si’s Instagram @abountifulkitchen

3 Tweetables:

“When you look at your life, you look at the rear view mirror a little bit, you can see the hand of the Lord.” – Grant

“We never ran out of things to do. I think it’s because both of us, when we see a need, we don’t really ask for permission, we just do it.” – Si

“I don’t think you have to go on a mission to have meaningful opportunities in your life to serve.” – Si

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