Episode 126: Family Brand: How to Establish The Culture and Values You Want in Your Family

In 2020, Chris and Melissa Smith started the podcast and website Family Brand, to help families figure out what they want to stand for and be remembered by. Having a family brand is a way to strengthen your family. 

Since then, they’ve taken dozens of families through their training that helps families identify core values they want to create a family brand around, and how to make their family brand not just inspirational but transformational. 

Today, Chris and Melissa sit down with Neil and me to give us a crash course and a mini family brand session by asking questions you can use too to get your family brand started.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Twelve years ago, Chris and Melissa almost got divorced. Then she read a statistic saying that 87% of couples considering divorce who decide to work it out are happy five years later. Since then, they focused on building back their marriage.
  • Oftentimes as entrepreneurs and business owners, we are so much more intentional about the brand and the culture of our businesses and our personal brands than we are about the brand and the culture of our home.
  • Families are the backbone of everything. It's no coincidence that the breaking down of a family directly coincides with all kinds of issues in society. So the world needs strong families.
  • In getting started with creating a family brand, here are three questions you can ask yourself and the rest of the family:
    • What do you stand for more than anything? (For us, it’s faith and love.)
    • What do you want to be remembered for someday? 
    • What makes your family unique? 
  • Clarity is usually at the bottom of confrontation. If you're willing to work through confrontation, everything becomes clear. 
  • Language is creation. The words you speak in your home create the culture in your home.
  • One of the greatest indicators of a child's future well-being and identity is how much they know about their family history and their ancestors.
  • Having family values gives you opportunities to acknowledge whenever there are some things you haven't lived up to.
  • You can live the life you want to live as a family and take a stand for your family.

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