Episode 116: Trip Tips and Crucial Conversations

Today, we’re sharing our #1 tip for getting your kids to behave perfectly (just kidding – but seriously, to get them to be pretty darn good) on your next family trip, and it’s had an extremely high success rate for us.

We’re also talking about something way more important – crucial conversations.

It was the topic of one of my favorite speeches from a recent self-development conference our church held worldwide – the importance of having essential conversations with your kids to prepare them for real-life scenarios BEFORE they happen.

We’re sharing some of the topics we’ve talked about with our kids, and how we’ve already seen the blessings of some of those conversations.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The point system works great when you're traveling with your kids. They could only earn toward positive behavior – one point for each good thing they do. Then they could use up all their points at the end to purchase something they really wanted.
  • The point system is positively motivating to your kids, rather than giving them consequences for bad behavior.
  • Having crucial conversations with your kids before they have certain life challenges hit them is so important.
  • The best time to teach is early – when children are still immune to the temptations of the mortal enemy and long before the words of truth may be harder for them to hear in the noise of their personal struggles.
  • Once kids start to struggle internally, they might question truth, or what to do or how to face things. Having had those crucial conversations, they’re then able to remember and draw strength from them, allowing them to make better choices.
  • Have intentional conversations rather than accidental conversations. Being intentional in teaching and testifying can help children, at a young age, begin to feel the influence of the Holy Ghost – essential to our children's testimony and conversion to Jesus Christ.
  • You won't teach your kids when you think you're teaching them. It’s usually those things in between the lines and in random conversations where they will learn from you and that will stick with them their whole lives.
  • Some topic ideas for those intentional conversations with your kids
  • Have an open channel of communication where your kids feel they’re in a safe place, especially when it comes to vulnerable or sensitive situations.
  • What truth do you want your kids to know eternally?


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