Episode 099: Three Christmas Stars: Two Stories of Old and One Christmas Star That God Will Send Us Tonight

Do you love the story of the star that the shepherds saw on the night that Jesus was born? We are talking a little about why we love that story so much, and also a story of people who saw that same star that you may not have heard before. It’s one of my very favorite Christmas stories.

But did you know there’s a new star this year? Yes. A new Christmas star that will be visible tonight from anywhere in the world where skies are clear. I hope you enjoy these three short (but true!) stories and that you feel the Christmas spirit, the spirit of Christ, as you listen to them.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The story of the shepherds who saw a star and got frightened but the angel appeared to them and told them to not be afraid
  • The story of another group of people in the American Continent who saw the star
  • Samuel the Lamanite prophesied about the star but the people threatened to kill the believers if the star didn’t appear.
  • Nephi prayed for an answer and God revealed to him the coming of Christ – the sun didn’t set and there was light all night.
  • The same star had the same effect on two different groups of people.
  • The movie, The Case for Christ, a movie based on a story about an atheist and journalist who wanted to prove that Christ never existed and then became a believer
  • How much more faith would you have had to have in the time before Jesus was even born?
  • A spectacularly rare Christmas star that’s happening today, December 21
  • Signs preceding the 2nd coming of Christ mentioned in the early verses of Luke 21 that seems to be happening now in 2020
  • Our brightest days are yet ahead, and the Lord will perform some of his greatest miracles.


Supporting Resources:
Christmas Star Article

Story of people seeing the star at Christ’s birth in the Americas

Movie: “The Case for Christ

Signs Preceding the 2nd Coming of Christ
Luke 21:7-13

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