Episode 097: When The Miracle Doesn’t Happen: What We Believe and How to Proceed

Have you had a circumstance (or many) in your life where you feel like maybe God wasn’t listening to your prayers, or that He didn’t give you the miracle you so needed? Maybe it was something big or something small, and maybe it was what we’d call a righteous desire, which is something that could only be a good thing if it were granted.

Today, Neil and I discuss why we believe sometimes God doesn’t give us what we ask for, and what to do about it. We share from our own experience and what has been comforting and helpful in these times of trial.

Whatever you are facing right now, whatever crosses you have to bear, whatever burden you're carrying, KNOW that our heavenly Father loves you. There is a plan for all of this and whatever we're going through is to help us become the people God needs us to be.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • God is a God of miracles. And if he performed miracles back in biblical times, is God still a God of miracles today?
  • The definition of a miracle
  • Having the faith to accept God’s will
  • Do we trust God enough to continue moving forward in faith despite the unfavorable circumstances?
  • There are reasons we don’t understand, but God does. It stretches our faith to accept that.
  • Seeking understanding as best we can in the Gospel principles
  • The basic gospel law is free agency and eternal development. To force us to be careful or righteous would be to nullify that fundamental law and make growth impossible.
  • Trusting God’s eternal plan and we may not see it the way he sees it
  • Surrendering to God’s will and the problems coming when we don’t
  • Being grateful so we can start to see those blessings and having the eyes to see the miracles happening

Supporting Resources:
“Has the Day of Miracles Ceased?” Donald L. Hallstrom

“Accepting the Lord’s Will and Timing” Elder David A. Bednar

“Tragedy or Destiny” From the Teaching of Spencer W. Kimball

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