Episode 042: Childhood cancer: How 7 year old Lynden turned lemons into lemonade by raising over $40k for pediatric cancer research selling lotus bracelets

Imagine what it would be like to go from everything being totally normal one day, to finding out through a voicemail the next day that your child has cancer and needs to seen by an oncologist immediately. That's just the beginning of my friend Amanda Smith's story and today she has graciously agreed to share her family's story of her 7-year-old daughter Lynden's diagnosis and 6 rounds of chemo that started only a few months ago. The MOST remarkable part of this story is that Lynden and her family have raised over $40,000 for the pediatric cancer research foundation, all because Lynden asked her mom if she'd donate to the Ronald McDonald box every time she went through the drive-thru after Lynden was diagnosed. Lynden also has a remarkable story of chopping off and donating her hair to crowns for courage a YEAR before she ever knew she would need that same donation herself. Their story is incredibly inspiring, heartwarming and so perfect to lead us into the holiday season where everyone's hearts tend to be a little more open to giving. If this episode touches your heart like it did mine, I would love for you to share a screenshot of it to your IG stories and make sure you tag me @mintarrow so I can see it! You can also go to our show notes and find links to donate to the pediatric cancer research foundation and buy one of Lynden's lotus bracelets to help her raise even more money for childhood cancer research.

Show Notes:
Buy Lynden’s bracelets/donate
Donate to pediatric cancer research
Amanda’s Insta @amandalynnsmith_

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