Episode 041: Changing lives with Days for Girls: Celeste Mergens (founder of Days for Girls) shares how we can help empower young girls globally to stay in school and find better futures

The season of giving and doing a little more good around the world is upon us, and this week I'm bringing a guest on to tell you about one of my FAVORITE non-profit organizations, Days for Girls. Celeste Mergens, the founder and CEO of Days for Girls, shares with me her incredibly powerful story of being led by the Lord to start an organization to help women and young girls in developing countries with reusable supplies for menstruation. Days for girls also teaches and educates people globally about their bodies, how to stay safe and avoid human trafficking and become more empowered to stay in school, be leaders in their careers, and wait till their bodies are ready to bear children. The life-changing impact that Days for Girls is having around the world is absolutely astounding to me, with 1.5 million women now empowered to take their days back monthly when many of them used to have to stay home with no other solution during those 5 days of their cycle. They have a long way to go with 50 million women suffering from a lack of solution and education around this issue. We're going to talk about how you can get involved and help and even come to a service project with me next week if you're in the Salt Lake Area, and if not you can go to the show notes to find out how you can help from anywhere.

Show Notes:
Special Days for Girls event hosted by PMD in Draper Utah November 26th, 2019
Days for Girls website: www.daysforgirls.org
Facebook: Days for Girls International
Instagram: @DaysForGirls
Twitter: @DaysForGirls

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