Episode 091: Baby Sleep Tips with Jess Hudson of SleepShop: How to Get Your Baby to Sleep!

If you've had babies or you're preparing to have one, you know that one of the VERY trickiest things to do is to figure out HOW to get your baby to sleep through the night!

Today, I'm sharing an interview with Jess Hudson of Sleep Shop Consulting, based here in Orange County. Jess shares all about her best tips and tricks for getting babies to sleep.

Jess reached out to me when I posted on Instagram about Harry going through a 4-month sleep regression in the form of a several-day-in-a-row nap strike. Jess’ tips magically helped Harry take naps again, transition out of his swaddle, and give everyone in our house back the sanity of a consistent schedule.

That’s why I invited Jess to come on the podcast and share some of her knowledge with all of you. We talk through a ton of YOUR questions that were submitted through my DMs and some of the basics that she teaches each of her clients she works with.

Jess and I both believe the most important fundamentals start with encouraging your baby to sleep all night long.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Advice to first-time moms
  • 3 main things for an optimal sleep environment
  • The importance of starting a feeding routine
  • 3 key things to help develop your baby’s circadian rhythm
  • The day dictates the night: How to set up your daytime schedule
  • How much sleep does a newborn need?
  • Paying attention to the wake windows and how to stretch them
  • What are dream feeds?
  • What happens during the four-month sleep regression and how to cope with it
  • When to give up on their nap
  • Why you shouldn’t be reading too much!
  • When and how to transition from the swaddle to a sleep sack
  • It’s never too late to improve your baby’s sleeping habits!
  • How to naturally release melatonin in your kids to help them sleep better
  • Morning nap vs. afternoon nap
  • Safety tips to keep baby from climbing the crib
  • Sleeping tips for twins and kids with special needs
  • How to break up with nursing your baby to sleep

Supporting Resources:

Instagram: @jess_sleepshop

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