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alright you guys, i've made you wait for days on this post but it's finally here! my best kept secrets for glowing skin. that picture up above is a no-filter selfie on insta, to be fair so you can see what we're really working with! ps because i know i'll get questions about it, my tumbler is kate spade!

first let me just say that since i turned 30 back in october, i decided to accept the fact that it's time to finally get real about wrinkle prevention and start treating my skin better than i did in my 20s (aka, lots of sun bathing, lots of not washing my face at night if i was feeling lazy, and sure as heck never, ever wearing “old lady” night cream – ick!). i definitely battled BAD skin as a teenager but after about my mid-20s i got spoiled and with minimal effort had fairly clear skin, and that was good enough for me. but for some reason mentally when i turned 30 i was like, “okay corrine. time to get serious about treating your skin better.” not that you should be irresponsible like me and wait till you're 30. ha.

so i've been experimenting for a few months now. a few of my finds are new discoveries, one is a tried and true classic that i may never stray from! ready for me to spill my secrets?



clarins, you guys. CLARINS is my new jam. my new “old lady” jam. ha. no really, it's not just for old ladies! they have a very foolproof way of picking skincare that's right for you whether you're in your 30s, 40s, or 50s+. and right now through nordstrom they're offering a killer free gift deal with purchase. so if you're going to invest anyway in your skin, here are the options i've really loved and why. the best part of getting something at nordstrom too is their amazing customer service. if you give something a try and you hate it, they stand behind their products and will give you a refund or exchange, no questions asked. but really you're not going to want to part with these products after they make your face as soft as a baby's butt and your face starts glowing so hard it's practically a ray of gold glittering sunshine.

but let's start at the very beginning of my skincare routine.

philosophy purity: i don't know whether i'll ever find anything i love as much! it's so clean, refreshing, takes makeup off gently and a big bottle lasts me months. i wash day and night with my clarisonic mia 2. not a requirement but i definitely get WAY more makeup off my face. want to try a fun (and gross) experiment? wash your makeup off with just your hands. then wash it a second time, and see how much makeup comes off on your clarisonic. you might be totally disgusted or shocked or delighted or a combination of all 3. also, i used the basic clarisonic mia for years and it was awesome. if you're in the market anyway, there's a free gift with any $99+ purchase of clarisonic at nordstrom right now. the difference between the two is the mia 2 has 2 speeds, it gives you 4 indicators during your wash to move to a different area of the face (promoting even face washing). i love the perks of the mia 2 and definitely am glad i upgraded this year and passed my original mia onto my husband because he's been loving it too. says it's cut way down on his ingrown hairs.

clarins radiance plus golden glow booster: this stuff is GENIUS!!! i'm telling you. you can add 2-3 drops to ANY moisturizer for an instant glow that builds daily into a healthy glow. it doesn't make you smell like walking self-tanner. it doesn't look like orangey self tanner. it literally just looks like a healthy glow! i'm obSESSED.

clarins multi-active day early wrinkle correcting lotion: this stuff is all you need if you have oily or normal skin. it's lightweight enough to not feel like a heavy cream and i've been absolutely loving it here in CA. however, when i visit utah (which i've been doing every other week since december, literally) my skin drinks moisture like it's been parched for months. so, if you need extra moisture you may want to try instead or with:

clarins double serum complete age control serum: i was talked into trying this by the girl at the counter and was skeptical. $85 for one little bottle seemed like a LOT, for this girl who's just getting her feet wet with investing in wrinkle preventing big-girl skincare. but this stuff really is incredible. it seeps into your skin and is ultra hydrating. for me, it's too much in combo with the multi-active day lotion mentioned above when i'm in california, but in utah they're a perfect combo. really you can use this alone without a cream! it's for ALL skin types and all ages. the reviews RAVE about the miracle results. most days here in CA i use the golden glow booster & multi-active day lotion and that's perfect for me. but this serum is serious stuff and it's well worth the investment if you need something more powerful and are looking for dramatic results.

clarins multi-active night youth recovery comfort cream: the night creams i've tried in the past leave my face feeling greasy, heavy and gross. this night cream is not heavy or greasy at all. it goes on super creamy smooth and leaves my skin feeling like a baby's bottom when i wake up in the morning! i'm a huge, HUGE fan of it and so happy with the results of taking an extra 2.5 minutes at night to wash my face religiously and slather this stuff on my face.

i also use my PMD personal microderm once a week and i definitely believe that makes a big difference in my overall skin tone too! for those who are wondering if i'll have another exclusive deal on these soon, the answer is yes! but not soon like next week, more like soon as in the next big holiday you'd want to buy a woman a gift for, if that's helpful. 😉


don't forget that with any clarins purchase of $85+ you can get a free gift! it's a travel set with a travel bag included. for most of my readers who are 25-40 i highly recommend the MULTI gift set. it has a travel size version of the multi-active day lotion that i love so much, plus eye makeup remover, beauty flash balm, and moisture rich balm. make sure you enter the code MULTI at checkout to get this free gift!




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    1. hey wendy, no i feel like it’s just fine! i guess sometimes if i jump in the shower and forget to grab it off my bathroom counter i’m skipping the morning when i’ve already taken my makeup off at night, so maybe not every single day? but anyway, i feel like it’s gentle enough that it’s fine but that’s just me 😉

  1. Great advice! Question, is this skin care regime you listed pregnancy safe? Do you make any adjustments? Thanks! Anne

  2. Hi! Thanks for posting this! Question: if you had to pick one of the creams/lotions you’re recommending here (due to budget constraints) which one would it be? Thanks!

    1. hi patty! if you could only do one i think the serum is the most highly rated and i DO really love it! but if you’re looking for least expensive of all of them, i really love that multi-active day lotion and it’s at a great price point. hope that helps!!

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