TODAY ONLY – one of the most comfortable bras on earth is ON SALE

Let's be honest – a good, comfortable bra is hard to find! And if I've learned one thing from all those years of watching Oprah, it's that a bad bra is not doing us any favors (am I the only one who remembers that episode as being totally life changing?!).

I had heard great things about ThirdLove a while back. From the customized shopping experience to the actual product, all I heard was good things, but I was a little skeptical at first because I'm always so weary about trying new bras! But let me tell you, once I tried these bras it was an absolute love affair. They really and truly ARE as amazing as everyone says. PLUS, there's an AMAZING deal on one of them TODAY ONLY that almost never happens!! Keep reading for all the details!

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thirdlove bra deal
24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra

Deal Details

SO excited because TODAY ONLY you can get one of the most comfortable bras in the world, ThirdLove's bestselling 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra, for ONLY $40 (reg. $65) when you use code 40BEST at checkout!! That's 38% off, and a deal we NEVER see!!!

thirdlove tshirt bra on sale


Since bras are a total wardrobe staple, you'd think it would be easier to find a great one, right? I mean, when's the last time you've gone to a store and tried tons of them on, only to have it be a completely discouraging experience in the end because you leave with nothing you love?! Or, even more, how tough is it to find the right bra online?!  You never really know how good it's going to fit or what you're getting!

Well, you're about to meet the soulmate of your dreams…Enter: ThirdLove, and all their magical, problem solving ways! Seriously, my bra game will never be the same.

How does ThirdLove work?

Here's how your new best friend works! When you start your shopping experience with ThirdLove, you can fill out their super great Fit Finder guide online. The guide asks you a few quick questions about your past relationships with other bras that have fit well or have almost fit, but not quite right (and why), almost like a therapist finding out about all your past boyfriends – and then they help you find the very best bra for your needs without having to even leave your house!

Why is it so great?

Half sizes

I LOVE ThirdLove because they have half cup sizes which is UNHEARD of, but not unnecessary because 50% of women fall in between cup sizes. HALF of us!!! That's a pretty big deal.

Asymmetrical bras

Another extremely common problem for women is having one side of your bra that isn't filled out because you're two different sizes on either side! ThirdLove is literally the ONLY bra company I know of that solves that problem with their asymmetrical bras.

Best bra for YOU

They also walk you through the many, many different shapes and sizes of breasts in their breast shape dictionary and shopping guide so that you can find what will work best for YOUR body, and show you the bras that will fit best. Seriously can I just get a hallelujah amen here because it's the best thing ever!!!

Test it out

Once you receive your new bra you have 30 days to take it for a test drive and make sure it's really as fabulous as you thought it would be. And trust me, these bras really are!

thirdlove classic tshirt bra

The t-shirt bra

Okay, let's talk about the Classic 24/7 T-Shirt Bra that you can get for ONLY $40 today!!! The first bra I tried was this bra and let me tell you – it truly lives up to it's name. An instant classic, and truly one of THE most comfortable bras on planet earth!

I can't say enough great things about this bra because I know you have other things to do all day besides read three full pages of everything I love about this bra. It's honestly one of the most comfortable bras I've ever owned because it's made with memory foam! You don't feel like you are even wearing a bra at all. And it doesn't show through your t-shirt which is probably my favorite part about it. It's as soft as butter and you literally will NOT even remember it's on. I swear on my life.

classic tshirt bra
best tshirt bra thirdlove

Full-coverage bra

Although this bra is not on sale, I do own the full coverage bra as well, and it's so great if you're looking for more coverage on a daily basis. It also has the thicker straps to really help you feel like you're getting the best support possible at no expense to your comfort. At all.

It really is just so easy to shop ThirdLove's site without the usual bra-fitting dressing room experience, but with the same great (if not even BETTER) results!

best full coverage bra
thirdlove full coverage bra

thirdlove bras on sale
Classic 24/7 T-Shirt Bra
Full Coverage Bra

You'll LOVE it!

I absolutely promise you that if you try this Classic 24/7 T-Shirt Bra from ThirdLove out, you will NOT be disappointed. I am literally giddy excited for you to get yours, too, because I have a feeling you're going to have a life-changing experience! Don't forget to use code 40BEST at checkout to get the Classic 24/7 T-Shirt Bra for ONLY $40!! This sale is TODAY ONLY, so don't wait!

And please come back and comment if you end up getting one and you love it. I want to hear from you!!

Corrine Stokoe

Corrine Stokoe is a blogger, podcaster and content creator behind the brand Mint Arrow. She and her husband Neil live in South Orange County with their 3 little girls and baby boy, she runs her blog and business with 7 team members, where they find the best daily deals and share favorite finds in fashion and beauty. They also run a podcast called Mint Arrow Messages. Mint Arrow has been featured in Forbes, Women's Wear Daily, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, AdWeek and Allure. Corrine is passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ as often as she can and teaching others to use social media for good.

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  1. You pretty much said the same thing about the bras from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale which I actually ordered. I understand that your posts are sponsored by certain companies , and i appreciate that you acknowledge that. It’s just hard to tell which products you genuinely support when you’re promoting similar items each month.

    1. Hey Claudia, so I have talked about another bra that I love in the past (and I still love it!) but honestly when I tried these ThirdLove bras, they became my new favorite!! I honestly haven’t worn anything else since I got them, and like I said in my post I even ordered more, that were obviously not required for this sponsored post either, I just liked them that much! I genuinely only support, accept sponsored post offers, and write here about products I’m in love with. When ThirdLove reached out to work with me, I told them I would have to try their product first and then get back to them. And after I got their bra in the mail and tried it myself, I was instantly in love and literally have not gone back to any of my old bras since. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Hi have two and they really are awesome. I just wish they occasionally went on sale so I could really stock up! But you are right, they truly are the best I’ve found so far

  3. I would love to try them! I just can’t pay that much for a bra! I know it’s stupid because you wear a bra every day. But it is still really hard to justify!

    1. I totally get it! It’s not the least expensive. But I DO think the quality is going to last a SUPER long time so I think it’s a worthwhile investment. But I totally hear you!

  4. Hey!At the moment i have done the bra test and i am about to buy one…i am a bit scared as i have never bought bras online! So I really hope they fit! Thanks for all your posts! I am always happy to learn new things!

    1. No worries at all, I really think you’ll love these so much! The fit was perfect for me so I hope you’ll find the same! 🙂

  5. Thanks for this post! I keep seeing ads for them and I’ve been super curious to try them. They are pricey though. I am at the tail end of nursing my baby and I’ll need a good “regular” bra when I’m done. 😁 But I have no idea how my boobs will look after nursing 2 babies back to back. 🤪

    1. haha! I totally hear you. They are pricey but I honesty have never worn a bra I love more. P.S. they randomly sent me a nursing bra a few months ago and I never tried it but after doing this post, I pulled it out and wore it for a day and it was also SUPER comfy!! In case you want a nursing bra for now instead! 🙂

  6. I have been an avid VS bra buyer and wouldn’t buy anything else! They started to fall apart and the wires would like me. My ThirdLove bras are AMAZING! I took he test and tried my first one for free. That was back in February. It’s almost December and I just now finally purchased 2 more. Don’t get me wrong, my first purchase is still in tact! I have even washed it in a bra bag in the washer (even though ThirdLove says hand wash) and it’s still going strong! T-shirt bra is my fav and I hope you all took advantage of their recent sale! LOVE this bra and I’m not paid to say that. 🙂

    1. Yeah I’ve washed mine like that too and they’re all in perfect condition. They’re the most comfortable bras of all time!!

  7. I have the T-shirt bra and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I need to go order one in each color! (So if you ever get a discount code, please alert us😉)
    I was hesitant as well to order a bra online but you have 30 days to try it and you are charged the full price after the 30 days, if you decide to keep it.
    And I completely understand about being concerned about the price, However, as I’ve gotten older, I realize you will appreciate a good quality bra! You won’t regret paying good money for great quality. And this bra is WORTH IT!
    Hope this helps!
    Ps. I’m not sponsored by anyone. lol

    1. I couldn’t agree more, it’s the most comfortable bra of all time! And yes I’ll keep a close eye out for a discount, I want one too! Haha.

  8. Thanks for sharing this! You’re the best!
    ThirdLove is a splurge for me, but I’ve found it to be worth it for a quality bra that has lasted me well so far. I ordered a few to try last year and was so impressed. I only kept the one that was on sale at that time, but I liked this T shirt one better. Thanks to you, I was able to snag this on sale now and in a color I prefer too!

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