Meet the Team and their FAVORITE things!

Today for Friday Faves I'm SO excited to introduce you to all my team members, share a little about them and then THEY'RE sharing all of their faves with you guys!!! It's a really fun read and I hope that not only you feel more connected to the girls who make everything happen around here behind the scenes, but you find some new faves too!

These are some fun pics we took at our team retreat a few weeks ago. We missed Jebie (who you'll meet below!) who lives in the Philippines, so it was a bit too far for her to travel 🙂

When I started Mint Arrow, I did everything on my own for a LONG time. But as the blog grew, I had to choose between drowning in work and never seeing my family, or bringing in some help to keep things running. These girls are INCREDIBLE and work so hard to make everything on our blog and social channels happen, and today I'm giving you more of a peek at what everyone does, who they are and what they love.

Heidi has been with us the LONGEST. She and I were roommates ELEVEN years ago in Huntington Beach – we lived in the cutest little beach bungalow and I was always impressed by her witty humor and amazing writing skills. Heidi helps us with writing, social posts and finds and shares a lot of the fantastic content you see on our Facebook every day!

Hi! I’m Heidi. I am a deeply Californian, Diet Coke obsessed, taco aficionado that absolutely lives to travel! I have an 8 month old lab puppy named Oz that I love to go on adventures with. When I’m not off exploring the world I also work as a Labor & Delivery Nurse in Vegas.

Favorite shoes: I’ve been wearing Vans since I was 13 so why stop now? I wear them every where. With every thing. Super comfortable, casual and easy.
Favorite sports bra: I do a ton of Pilates, running & hiking. This is the perfect bra for everything.
Favorite hiking shoes: I love the tread on these shoes. That + Nike quality = perfection.
Favorite sunscreen: Amazing coverage. Water resistant. Reef friendly. And smells good too!
Favorite lipstick: I own this lippie in 6 colors! That’s how much I love it. Super hydrating, long lasting & perfectly pigmented.
Favorite travel perfume: Because I’m constantly on the go this is the perfect way to always have my favorite perfume.
Favorite movie: This movie is THE best. It’s gorgeous, the music is amazing, and it’s all about seeing the world & chasing your dreams.
Favorite carryon: Got this as a birthday gift from Corrine last year & haven’t been on a single trip without it since. It’s the bomb. Everything she has ever said about it is true.
Favorite headphones: Have these in rose gold & I’m obsessed. Ran a 1/2 marathon in them last fall. They’re super comfortable & sound amazing-and there was still PLENTY of battery life left post run.
Favorite book: I’ve read every Brene Brown book there is and this one is my favorite. She will change your life.
Favorite bronzer: This is my purest love when it comes to makeup. Perfectly pigmented & buildable for creating thar perfect summery glow we all love.



McKenzie started with me a couple years ago as an assistant and has evolved into many other positions including talented product picker for roundups and outfits when I'm too slammed to pick everything myself, and she's 100% responsible for the beautiful pins we have on our Pinterest boards, and has recently taken on helping with Facebook comments too, as you may have noticed when she leaves her name at the end of some comments 🙂 She has impeccable taste and is incredibly loyal.

Hi! I'm McKenzie and I am from Orange County, CA. I have been married for 5 years and have a one year old daughter, Willow. My happy place is being at the beach with my family on a warm sunny day. I love sewing, shopping and eating good food

Favorite trend right now(in off-white): Jumpsuits! So easy, all-in-one outfit perfect for spring and summer. YES please!!!
Favorite leggings(in black): I probably wear these 3x a week! Wore them during my whole pregnancy and right after and they still are in great condition. They are so soft & buttery and worth every penny!
Favorite beauty product: When my brows are done I feel much more put together! This pencil is a little thicker and goes on so easy and smooth.
Favorite swimmer: A classic black suit is a must for me but the frill details add some fun! And I love the open back.
Favorite jeans: They are called the perfect summer jean for a reason. They are PERFECT for summer and fit like a dream!
Favorite shoes(in white): Slides are so easy and cute! I love how you can wear them to the pool then dress them up for a night out!



Kourtney is one of our newest team members! I found her because my sister RAVED about how incredible she was as an intern for Female Foodie, and we have absolutely loved working with her. Kourtney helps us with finding and sharing awesome things to share on our Facebook page, she works on a lot of strategy and coordinating big projects like the huge giveaways we've been doing all week, and we're SO excited to have more of her time in just a few weeks when she graduates from Utah State University!!!

HEY! I’m Kourtney. I am from Utah and am soon graduating with a degree in Marketing from Utah State University! I have been married for a little over a year and am a lover of travel, all things creative, and buying swimsuits!

Favorite swimsuit: I love this vertical stripe trend going on right now! I think it’s so cute and flattering!
Favorite accessory: Love adding a fun pop of color to an outfit by tying a cute bandana in my hair or around my neck!
Favorite candle: Makes your house smell like HEAVEN…sooo good!
Favorite home decor: Obsessed with this mirror in our home! It’s really pretty and I love the touch of gold.
Favorite beauty product: Love this because it is quick + easy to apply and it looks so natural!
Favorite travel accessory: NOT a videographer by any means, which is why I love this stabilizer! All you have to do is put your phone in it and it makes your videos sooo smooth!
Favorite gift: This is my favorite gift to give + I love using it for decoration in my kitchen! Such a cute way to store recipes.
Favorite wallet: Super minimalistic and easy to hook onto my car keys and go! Love the fun patterns too!
Favorite water bottle: I use this every day and love it!! It keeps my water so cold and makes it really easy to drink more water!
Favorite planner: Being organized is wayyy more fun when you have a cute planner! I love mine!!



Jebie is our Virtual Assistant who we've had on our team for 6 months now! She does a TON of behind the scenes work with uploading photos, linking words within the written posts, creating daily reports for us, and is a technical whiz at everything. Jebie is a hard worker and has such a positive attitude and we are so thankful for her!

Hi! I’m Jebie. I am from the Philippines. I have been married for 4 years and have a 3-year-old son, Jelian Brix. I love baking chocolate cakes and cupcakes. I also love cooking a different kind of food. I love staying at home and have more time with my family.

Favorite shampoo – I love this shampoo because it gives my hair the extra smoothness and softness it needs, they don’t cause me dandruff and they make my hair silky and fresh the entire day.
Favorite Foundation – I love this foundation so much! It has a beautiful radiant finish and lasts all day.
Favorite eyeshadow – I bought it after I've seen a lot of good reviews of it. After my first use, I fell in love with it.
Favorite Brow definer (in dark brown) – This is my go-to eyebrow pencil right now. The triangle shape is surprisingly very user-friendly, especially if you are in a rush.
Favorite Body Mist – Sweet Pea has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember. Wearing this scent makes me feel young! 🙂



Brittany is our newest team member and she has been an unbelievably helpful member of the team! She is my assistant and keeps me on top of deadlines, emails, helps coordinate projects with the rest of the team, among a million other ways of just keeping me organized and on track with all the craziness that it takes to keep the blog going.

Hi, I'm Brittany! I recently moved back home to North Carolina from Florida so that I could be close to family. I have an Australian Shepherd pup named Bear, and I love him so much. Photography and travel are my passions!

Favorite shampoo – I have always felt a difference with my hair when I switch to Matrix Biolage shampoo. I honestly don't know why I have ever stopped. It makes my hair look and feel so much healthier!
Favorite candle – This candle is currently in my office, and it sets the vibe for my work day! It's strong enough to fill the room with it's scent, but not too much that it's overpowering.
Favorite eyeshadow – Eye shadow is my favorite makeup product. This makeup palette has the warm/bright colors that make my eyes pop!
Favorite Lipstick – I am a huge fan of warmer toned lipsticks. This one stays on longer than any other lipstick I have!
Favorite top: This top in the picture above is actually one of my favorites! Perfect for an every day look or when traveling.
Favorite shoes: I have these in black. They are so comfortable and go with so many different looks.
My favorite book: Heidi and I actually chose the same book! My favorite quote from Braving the Wilderness, “True belonging doesn't require you to change who you are; it requires you to be who you are.” – Brene Brown
I hope you guys enjoyed meeting our team members and finding out more about who they are and some things they love. I am so thankful for all the hard work they put into keeping everything running and helping me share great deals and finds with you guys, along with just being really really wonderful human beings.

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