Meet the Team and their FAVORITE things!

For today's blog post I'm SO excited to introduce you to all my team members, share a little about them and then THEY'RE sharing all of their faves with you guys!!! It's a really fun read and I hope that not only you feel more connected to the girls who make everything happen around here behind the scenes, but you find some new faves too!

Here's one fun picture we've taken so far on our team retreat this year in San Francisco! We are really missing Jebie who lives in the Philippines, so it was a bit too far for her to travel :), Bran who just had a beautiful newborn babe a few weeks ago, and Heidi who had to work her other job, which you'll hear more about in a minute!

When I started Mint Arrow, I did everything on my own for a LONG time. But as the blog grew, I had to choose between drowning in work and never seeing my family and always having a phone or computer screen in my face, or bringing in some help to keep things running. The very greatest thing that happened when I brought on team members is not only did they help ease my work load, but they made everything we do better because 9 brains are better than 1! These girls are INCREDIBLE and work so hard to make everything on our blog and social channels happen, and today I'm giving you more of a peek at what everyone does, who they are and what they love.

Heidi has been with us the LONGEST and is now our Senior Copy Editor. She and I were roommates TWELVE years ago in Huntington Beach – we lived in the cutest little beach bungalow and I was always impressed by her witty humor and amazing writing skills. Heidi helps us with writing, editing, and finding the deals you see every day in the Today's Top Trending Deals post!

Hi! I'm Heidi. I'm a Diet Coke obsessed, taco eating pizzatarian, and forever California girl!! In addition to working for Mint Arrow I'm a Labor & Delivery nurse. I absolutely LIVE to travel and left Las Vegas in December to become a travel nurse! I just spent the last 3 months living and working in Maui (DREAM LIFE) and now I'm in Seattle! I have a 2 year old lab named Oz and we love to hike, go to the beach, and eat French fries together.

Favorite Carry-On: I just bought another one, because I am SO obsessed!! I never, ever, EVER travel without this bag. I got a medium this time, because I can use it for Orangetheory and they have tons of fun prints and colors!
Favorite Headphones: Got these babies before I ran a half marathon last year and I love them. They're perfect for the beach, for travel, or listening to all my favorite podcasts when I walk my pup!
Favorite Candle: Such a fun idea and they all smell super yummy! Currently burning the Hawaii scent, but also have Southern California and Las Vegas
Favorite Water Bottle: I own 6 of these!! I have 3 different sizes, but the 64oz is my favorite. I once read that Beyonce drinks a gallon of water a day so I try to too!!
Favorite Flip Flops: I've been wearing these for like 15 years and they're pure love. Super comfortable and they last forever!!
Favorite Hair Product: If you're blonde you probably already KNOW about this one! Helps keep your hair strong and reduce breakage. This stuff is legit.

McKenzie started with me a few years ago as an assistant and has evolved into many other positions but most recently since she's about to have TWIN baby girls, she's eased into a more low-key position of just helping me sort my emails and respond to some requests (like RSVPs and collaboration requests) so that I can keep on top of my work and spend fewer hours in the day reading and replying to each email since I receive several hundred a day. I'm so thankful she's stuck around this long and for her loyalty and genuinely good heart.

Hi! I'm McKenzie and I am from Orange County, CA. I have been married for 6 years and have a two year old daughter, Willow and we have 2 more twin girls on the way! My happy place is being at the beach with my family on a warm sunny day. I love sewing, shopping and eating good food.

Favorite trend right now: I worked at Anthropologie for several years and know this brand is one of the best! I am all about comfort and I know these wide-leg pants would be on repeat all summer long.
Favorite leggings(in black): I probably wear these 3x a week! They are so soft & buttery and worth every penny! They also work great as maternity leggings.
Favorite beauty product: When my brows are done I feel much more put together! This pencil is a little thicker and goes on so easy and smooth.
Favorite swimmer: If I wasn't pregnant right now this would be in my closet waiting for warmer weather to arrive! I love the simple frill detail and open back.
Favorite jeans: Once again #pregnant so I made my mom buy these because I thought they were so cute and perfect for spring/summer! This is a great brand and the quality does not let you down either!
Favorite shoes: Love these slides and the tiny braided detail on the straps. I would get them in white and wear them all summer long!

Kourtney is our Digital Marketing Manager and she does a LOT around here to keep things in motion! I found her because my sister RAVED about how incredible she was as an intern for Female Foodie, and we have absolutely loved working with her. Anything that's related to how we're marketing ourselves online, she's probably helping with, including sometimes picking products for roundups and outfits when I'm too slammed to pick everything myself, and she's 100% responsible for the beautiful pins we have on our Pinterest boards, and she helps with our Mint Arrow Besties group, as you may have noticed when you see her posting as an admin 🙂 She works on a lot of strategy and coordinating big projects like the huge giveaways we've been doing all week, and is super thorough and detail-oriented and continues to exceed my expectations with every project we give her.

Hi, I’m Kourtney! I'm from Utah and have been married for a little over two years. I'm lover of travel, all things creative, I love a good before and after, and my favorite pastime is going out for dessert!

GrandeLASH: If you’re like me and you don’t love lash extensions, this works SO well!!
Madewell jeans: I’ve never loved a pair of jeans more. Worth every penny!
Blue light glasses: I wear my blue light glasses every day while I work on my computer and have seriously noticed a difference! They are super cute too!
Vans: My go-to casual, closed-toe shoe! They go with everything and are so comfy!
Boy brow: My favorite eyebrow gel!! I’ve yet to find one I like more than this kind.
Bag: I picked this up during Old Navy’s last sale and I really love it! It holds a lot and the faux leather isn’t too cheap looking, which I’m happy about!
Steve Madden Sandals: I have a pair similar to these in blush and love them!! The blush is a subtle but fun color and perfect for spring and summer.

Jebie is our Virtual Assistant who we've had on our team for almost 3 years now! She does a TON of behind the scenes work with uploading photos, linking words within the written posts, creating daily reports for us, and is a technical whiz at everything. Jebie is a hard worker and has such a positive attitude and we are so thankful for her!

Hi! I’m Jebie. I am from the Philippines. I am married and have a 4-year-old son, Jelian Brix. I love baking and cooking. Staying at home and have more time with my family is what I do most of the time. We go to church every Saturday and go out of town or go to the beach every Sunday.

Favorite conditioner: Hair conditioner is essential if you live here in the Philippines. Philippines is a tropical country and most of the time we have to deal with the excruciating heat of the sun. I love this conditioner because it gives my hair the extra smoothness and softness it needs.
Favorite Body Wash: I love this body was because it's gentle on the skin and it smells nice. Very basic body wash, does not harm your skin in any way and it nourishes the skin.
Favorite Foundation: I love this foundation so much! It has a beautiful radiant finish and lasts all day.
Favorite eyeshadow: I bought it after I've seen a lot of good reviews of it. After my first use, I fell in love with it.
Favorite Brow definer (in dark brown): This is my go-to eyebrow pencil right now. The triangle shape is surprisingly very user-friendly, especially if you are in a rush.

Brittany is our assistant and project manager (Neil calls her our quarterback!) and she has been an unbelievably helpful member of the team! She keeps me on top of deadlines, helps coordinate projects with the rest of the team, manages my calendar, schedules photo shoots and podcast recordings, among a million other ways of just keeping me organized and on track with all the craziness that it takes to keep the blog going.

Hi, I'm Brittany! Born and raised in North Carolina. I am a twin, a photographer, and a singer. I love quality time with family and friends, shopping, and having deep discussions with people. I have an Australian Shepherd pup that I am obsessed with! I love exploring new places and staying active.

Favorite Book: Love Does is such a great book about loving people. My favorite quote by Bob Goff: “Being engaged is a way of doing life, a way of living and loving. It's about going to extremes and expressing the bright hope that life offers us, a hope that makes us brave and expels darkness with light. That's what I want my life to be all about – full of abandon, whimsy, and in love”
Favorite Work Bag: I work remotely, so there are days that I work from different coffee shops or travel or sit outside to get fresh air. This bag has been so great for every trip. It's not bulky and I like the way it rests on my shoulders.
Favorite Shoes: These shoes are so fun to wear with jeans or shorts for a casual look. I'm a short person, so I love the height that they give me!
Favorite Earrings: I love wearing these for a nice night out or to an elegant event. I always feel so classy when I wear them!
Favorite Jeans: These jeans are so comfortable and slim-fitting! Madewell jeans are definitely worth the money.
Favorite Fitness Watch: I love this watch and how it tracks my steps. My friends and I challenge each other every week with the App and have so much fun competing for first place of most steps taken.
Favorite Dry Shampoo: I started using this dry shampoo in the past year, and it has been life-changing! I usually don't like how my hair looks after using dry shampoo, but I love how my hair looks and feels when using this stuff.

Bran is a new member this year for the team and we LOVE her positive, happy, infectiously upbeat attitude! She is a talented writer and she helps us draft content for the blog and social media and I swear I can feel her rays of sunshine beaming through the computer screen every time we virtually meet or talk on Marco Polo!

Hey, everyone! I'm Brandilyn, a copywriter and proud Team Mint Arrow member working from Mesa, AZ. I live here with my husband David and our sons Clark (7) and Whitley (brand new!). I love doing yoga, kayaking, baking, and reading.

My favorite book: I love nonfiction. I focused my graduate work on personal essay and even took a class on David Sedaris! This collection is a favorite.
My favorite diaper bag: I really love the tassel detail, plethora of pockets, and pretty vegan-leather finish on this, plus the side straps that make it easy to snap onto my stroller handles!
My favorite one piece: I've had this suit for over a DECADE and it still looks brand new. A miracle! And it makes me feel like a total 50's beach bombshell (while I chase my son around the pool, ha!).
My favorite adventure sandal: I wear these all summer–to the pool, kayaking, or out walking. They're so, so comfortable and totally durable.
My favorite hair product: For any fellow short-haired girls out there! This takes my pixie to the next level. It goes right on your roots and gives the best amount of texture and hold while still staying soft.

Meredith is our Community Manager and newest Mint Arrow team member! She helps with comments and questions on our social channels and sometimes helps us draft social posts too. I feel like Mer is the best friend every girl wishes they had right next door because she's so friendly and easy to get along with!

Hey! I’m Meredith; I live in northern California with my husband and our 3 kids. I love reading, Parks and Rec, and long, solo walks through Target.

Favorite shoes: Not to be a California cliché or anything but I really, really love Birkenstocks! I prefer to keep my suede pairs away from too much water so these (AMAZING!) dupes are the perfect pool or lake option.
Favorite lipstick: Lipstick is so fun! But I don’t want it getting in the way of my baby cheek smooching or snacking. This stuff doesn’t budge! I have the whole range but the color Make Your Move is one I reach for again and again; it goes with everything!
Favorite mascara: You’ve probably heard people mention this mascara before and I’m here to hype it again: I LOVE it! It’s just so good. I stick to non-waterproof black.

Arielle totally deserves a place in this post because she's my incredible photographer who's responsible for basically ALL of the beautiful photos you see in my posts!!! She is the easiest human to be around, and so funny and I'm beyond thankful for her talented eye and her friendship over the years.

Hi I'm Arielle and I live in San Diego. I'm a newlywed and I live and breathe photography, and in my spare time I like to watch Real Housewives and cook Keto-friendly meals.

Eyeliner stamp: I absolutely love this eyeliner stamp! If you’ve ever tried drawing your own cat eye winged eyeliner, and ended up looking like a raccoon: then this is for you!!! This comes with two pens that are double sided with stamped wings for each eye and a pen tip to ensure the perfect winged eyeliner.

Cauliflower Sandwich Thins: If you are eating low carb or keto like me- these are your new best friend! One net carb and it feels like you’re eating bread or a tortilla. Get these and make tacos! Two ingredients: cauliflower and mozzarella.

Gucci ring: I just treated myself to a Gucci ring last month and I love it!

Toner spray: This is my favorite toner spray for the summer! It’s clean beauty & the amazing smell makes me feel like I’m on a tropical vacation and you can use it to freshen up your makeup too!

Favorite perfume: My favorite perfume of all time! I love scents and I can never get enough of this fragrance.

Last but VERY least of all our team members is Neil who is not only my husband but has been working on the team for more than a year full time. He does all our finances like paying taxes and running payroll for all these beautiful brilliant people, he makes sure I don't spend all the money that comes in (ha!) and he is an incredible team manager who helps build people up and has helped develop all the team members into the roles they're currently working in. He also edits our podcasts and there's absolutely zero chance I would've been able to take on the podcast this year without him heading up that project. He's also the heart and soul behind our team meetings and is always rallying for a team cheer at the end. I didn't have him pick out his faves because he a) would've hated that assignment and b) they would all end up being bike parts and sports cars haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed meeting our team members and finding out more about who they are and some things they love. I am so thankful for all the hard work they put into keeping everything running and helping me share great deals and finds with you guys, along with just being really really wonderful human beings.

Corrine Stokoe

Corrine Stokoe is a blogger, podcaster and content creator behind the brand Mint Arrow. She and her husband Neil live in South Orange County with their 5 kids, she runs her blog and business with 7 team members, where they find the best daily deals and share favorite finds in fashion and beauty. They also run a podcast called Mint Arrow Messages. Mint Arrow has been featured in Forbes, Women's Wear Daily, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, AdWeek and Allure. Corrine is passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ as often as she can and teaching others to use social media for good.

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