how to make the prettiest Christmas morning breakfast fun AND easy!

I think we can all agree that no matter what age you are, there is something truly magical about Christmas morning! Little feet running down the stairs to see what Santa brought in the night, being surrounded by family and friends and, of course, let's not forget about the food haha! Whether your feeding a group of people that amounts to a small village the morning of Christmas, or just your little family, I've got some great must-have kitchen items from Kohl's and recipes that make this tradition not only easy, but enjoyable! Plus all these pretty little copper kitchen tools are the perfect affordable gift for every cook on your list.

Kohl’s Copper-plated whisk

And I have a sale code to help you guys get UP TO 20% OFF everything we used right now through Christmas Eve!

Kohl’s Quilted oven mitKohl’s instant potKohl’s instant potOh what have I not already said about the instant pot that doesn't perfectly express my love for this little piece of heaven that sits in my kitchen these days! Instead of having to get up at the crack of dawn to put your breakfast in the slow-cooker, this saves you on time AND sleep!

My angel mama came into town and made this super yummy oatmeal that she just posted to her blog and I think it was the best oatmeal I've ever had. Lyla is our oatmeal connoisseur in the house and it got her very professional seal of approval!

Right now the Instant Pot is a hot item and it JUST came back in stock this morning!!!! You can use code SAVEMORE20 to get 15% off (which is a REALLY hard deal to find!) making it $85 instead of $100!

Kohl’s instant potSo why exactly is the Instant Pot the little gift that keeps on giving? As the microwave is to the oven, the instant pot is to the crockpot. It’s a pressure cooker that can cook your food in a fraction of the time it would take in a crockpot or even the oven! If you leave for work or church or wherever and forget to put your food into your crockpot, you might as well plan on grilled cheese for dinner because there’s no way your food will be done if you didn’t get it in there that morning.  BUT with the instant pot, you can come home from your day and your crockpot meal would be done within the hour, sometimes as quick as like 30 minutes. SO awesome!!

Kohl’s Copper ladleYou guys know that my mom, A Bountiful Kitchen, is the cooking/baking extraordinaire in my life and I promise that's not even a biased opinion! And like I mentioned above this oatmeal recipe is her newest instant pot recipe!

Kohl’s Black leggingsKohl’s Quilted pot holderLet's take a brief pause form the food and answer a question I've seen swirling around a lot the past couple of weeks: what in the world do you wear on Christmas morning if you don't want to be in your jammies, but you do want to be comfortable? This sweater is really soft and nice to wear around while you're opening presents or making breakfast! And it's on sale right now for $29.99 (originally $50).

But oh wait, it gets better!

Right now when you use code SAVEMORE20 at checkout this sweater is only $25.49 and it also comes in a few other super cute designs. At that price I might need the unicorn AND the penguin!

Kohl’s National Lampoon’s Christmas mugKohl’s National Lampoon’s Christmas mugKohl’s “Love” sweatshirtWhat's Christmas morning breakfast without a little Marty Moose as part of your celebration? Haha! If you've seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation you already understand why this mug is NECESSARY for your breakfast – and probably your dinner too! If you haven't, stop everything you're doing tonight and watch it! This moose mug is perfect for sipping Eggnog during the holidays!

Kohl’s Black leggings Kohl’s “Love” sweatshirt Kohl’s “Love” sweatshirt        Kohl’s Measuring cup setKohl’s Medium serving bowlI promised you easy breakfast tips so here you go: an oatmeal buffet!!!

Making an easy oatmeal buffet is perfect because then depending on what everyone likes and doesn't like, they can customize their breakfast perfectly to their liking! And this serving bowl and this square bowl are so pretty to have not only for Christmas time, but white is good all year around in the kitchen! Especially since they're both ON SALE for UNDER $25!

Kohl’s Medium serving bowl Kohl’s Slotted copper spoon Kohl’s Copper-plated whiskKohl’s Measuring spoon setOkay let's have a chat about these copper serving everything because you need them in your lives! They're not only durable and super light weight (which is great if you don't want Christmas morning to be the equivalent of arm day at the gym haha!), but I think they also make everything look so pretty! Oh yeah, and all these adorable copper serving utensils and measuring cups and spoons are ALL ON SALE too!

Kohl’s Slotted copper spoon Kohl’s Square bowl Kohl’s Copper turner  Are you ready for what the best part about everything at this table is (other than I want to jump right back into the photos and eat it all!)? I've mentioned a few already, but it's ALL ON SALE!

If you've shopped Kohl's with me before you know one of the main reasons I love them so much is they ALWAYS have some of the best deals going on. And right now during the holiday season is some of the best times to stock up on these sort of basics not just for Christmas morning, but all year around. They also make for super pretty gifts for any friend or family member who loves cooking, too!

Kohl’s Textured muffin pan    Kohl’s Medium serving bowl Kohl’s Square bowl Kohl’s Copper turnerRaise your hand if you've gone through all the trouble of making muffins or quiche or cupcakes only to pull them out of the oven and have it be more of mess to get them out of the baking tin then it was to put them in! This textured non-stick pan really is exactly what it says. Everything pops out so easily AND the textured part of the pan helps to with the airflow when it's baking so everything cooks evenly! This pan is originally $19.99, but on sale this week for $14.99, which then drops down to $12.74 at checkout with code SAVEMORE20!

Kohl’s Textured muffin pan

These delicious little quiche cups are another super easy recipe from A Bountiful Kitchen (aka my mom!) and they're a really easy fun way to add some savor to your otherwise sweet Christmas breakfast!!

Kohl’s Textured muffin panAnd don't forget, that right now through December 24th when you use code SAVEMORE20 at checkout you can save up to 20% on your entire purchase!

Kohl’s Quilted pot holder

Instant Pot
“Love” sweatshirt
Black leggings
Copper turner
Slotted copper spoon
Copper ladle
Measuring cup set
Copper-plated whisk
Measuring spoon set
Copper serving spoon
Square bowl
National Lampoon's Christmas mug
Medium serving bowl
Textured muffin pan
Quilted pot holder
Quilted oven mit
Photos by Arielle Levy

And here's a roundup of everything from this post with all the sale prices listed to make your shopping super-duper easy!

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