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August 28, 2018

Back to school season is officially in full swing and I don't know about you, but things at our house are a little more crazy than they've ever been! With Lyla and Ani both in school this year and having a new baby, our mornings around here can be just a little bit hectic. Currently the secret sauce to happier, less hectic mornings is ORGANIZATION. Luckily Macy's has everything we need to organize our pantry and fridge so the girls can quickly pack their own lunches (with just a little help from Mom or Dad ha). SCORE!

And guess what? Now-September 3rd Macy's is having a HUGE Labor Day Sale! You can save 20% off site wide when you use code WKND and orders over $49 SHIP FREE during the sale!

I could sit and stare at this perfectly organized pantry all day! These storage containers (these, these, and these) are AMAZING! Totally airtight to trap in all that yummy flavor and extend shelf life because there's nothing that bugs me more than a box of cereal or crackers that are seriously a DAY old and stale already. Not only does everything feel SO much more organized in our pantry with the help of these clear containers, they keep everything FRESH for ever and ever.  And the rectangular shape is super space saving so there's room in the pantry for plenty of options.

We love that you can see exactly what is in every single container so it's super easy for the girls to pick out exactly what they want to pack and eat!

We try to keep lots of healthy snacks and drinks within arms reach for the girls so that they can help themselves! They love to feel independent and as a mom I like to be able to foster that independence when I can. It also cuts down on the battles of me vs. kid who is determined to eat candy or junk!

 How cute is Ani in her school uniform? Having a uniform also makes our school mornings SO much easier! And Macy's has so many options that meet her school uniform guidelines. We did a ton of back to school shopping on their website back in July! Her little polo is 40% off until October already making it under $15! Add that 20% code and we're talking MAJOR savings!!

She looks so grown up in her little khaki skirt, doesn't she? This skirt is currently 40% off as well so it's the perfect time to stock up on uniform separates at Macy's! Just $18 until October. Add the 20% off code for even bigger savings! It's super high quality, machine washable (a mom favorite!), and hello POCKETS!!

Wearing a uniform limits Ani's ability to express herself through her clothes so we're all about fun bags around here! How darling is this little cat lunch bag? The cat is sold out, but there is a UNICORN available! They're under $15 and have a nice large compartment for plenty of healthy, hanger fighting foods!

I am completely obsessed with these produce keepers! It can be so hard to keep fresh fruits and veggies in the house, because everything goes bad so quick! These are a game changer when it comes to healthy snacking & eating and like I mentioned before, when I have healthy options within reach for my girls, they can pack them in their little lunches AND reach for them so easily for after school snacks.

I have to admit I've been snacking on a lot more healthy fruits and veggies too since we got these produce keepers!

Is MTV Cribs still at thing, because I think this fridge is ready for it's close up! HA!

Ani loves being able to come in and pick out everything that she wants and this mama loves how quick and easy it is!

These capri pajamas are currently in heavy rotation in my momiform. Pajamas totally count as clothes when you have a newborn, right? The elastic waistband is perfect for my postpartum body and the button up top is super breastfeeding friendly! They're soft and lightweight and with five fun patterns is was hard to choose just one pair!

2.5-QT Rectangular Container
3.4-QT Rectangular Pop Container
2.4-QT Pop Square
5-Qt. Produce Keeper
Ani's Polo Shirt
Ani's Skirt 
Ani's Lunch Bag
Corrine's Pajama
Photos by Arielle Levy

Right now is a great time to shop Macy's Labor Day Event that runs from August 29th- September 3rd. You can get 20% off with the code WKND on tons of items that you'll use all school year long!

Thanks to Macy's and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

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I tried the promo code for 4 produce keepers and it says Macy’s doesn’t recognize the WKND promo code.


Hi! Did you get it to work? I just tried it and it worked for me 🙂 -Kourtney


WOW! you need to come organize my pantry! Actually I purchased the same containers for my pantry recently for crackers and snacks and love them! I need those veggie keepers! Ani is so cute in her uni.

Julie Garvey:

Hi Corinne! Where did you get the baskets on the right side of your pantry? I love the height and labels!


They’re from target! 🙂


Which size containers did you use for the cereal? Love all of this!


Corrine said they used the larger rectangle containers that are linked in the post for cereal 🙂 Thanks! -Kourtney


This may be dumb but I was wondering if you just buy the regular size cereal boxes to transfer to these containers? I just ordered some and it won’t fit a family size box or bagged cereal:(


Corrine said they fit regular size boxes perfectly! 🙂 Hope that helps! -Kourtney

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