Living room reveal & a discount for framebridge custom framing!

March 28, 2016

The formal living room – the very first thing people see when they walk into our house – has been kind of a thorn in my side. It's the room that I keep putting off because that first impression is so important that it's somehow been the hardest to do. But I finally bit the bullet and decided to go for it this month and WOW what a difference a little refreshing can do to a room! Here's the lovely before:

(For the record, anabelle spilled an entire bottle of foundation on that zebra rug, but we ordered a new one that I'll show in part 2 of the reveal once it's here!)

I teamed up with Framebridge to really bring some life to those totally blank, boring walls and revamp this room once and for all. I knew I wanted to display some of the most precious moments from our family – our wedding, our girls' births, and maybe an updated family photo or two, but I also wanted to mix in some artwork because I feel like that can give a room so much life!

Framebridge has generously offered 15% off to any of my readers' first order with code MINTARROW15 at checkout!

I went to work digging up all the family photos that we really wanted printed and framed in our home and, with the help of my friend Jen, found some coordinating artwork that would compliment the color scheme I had going in this room of soft pinks and neutrals.

And now … drumroll … for the after!

In a room where you'll have guests and people viewing your home for the first time, you want photos and artwork to look really nice! That's why I was so drawn to Framebridge. They take the hassle, guesswork, and complication OUT of custom framing. I literally just uploaded my family photos to their site, picked the size of frame and mats I wanted for each photo, and they printed and framed and shipped them to my house!

For custom artwork, you give them the dimensions of your art and they send you boxes that will fit the artwork perfectly, with a prepaid shipping label. You ship the artwork to them and in no time they send the artwork right back to you, perfectly, professionally framed in custom sized frames.


As you can see from our photos, we have HUGE frames and small frames all throughout this space. I loved that we had so many options with print size and frame size and mats. It really made filling walls with the right size of frames way easier than just standing in a store and trying to remember how big something should be and might look once I get home! I was able to measure right in my home and order the perfect sizes, from my home computer, in my pajamas.

Before this little project where I finally pushed myself to order photos, I literally had ZERO family photos displayed in our home. Not a single one of our wedding day, not one of when my babies were born, not one of us as a family.

Now all those days – the most important ones in our existence so far – are on our walls.


A photo of our dating days! A fun reminder of what it felt like to be young and in love and have no “real” responsibility other than paying my cell phone bill on time.


If you want to try out Framebridge too you can get 15% off your first order with code MINTARROW15 at checkout!

Huge thanks to Framebridge for sponsoring this post, and giving me the perfect excuse to finally get the ball rolling in finishing this room! We've ordered a new sofa and rug that won't be here for several weeks but I'll update the blog with a new post once they're here.

Sources for our living room revamp:

Giclee art print framed in framebridge newport silver antique frame
Large square family photos framed in framebridge newport silver antique frames
Floral silhouette prints framed in framebridge carson clean gold frames
Small 5×7 family photos framed in framebridge newport silver antique frames
White sofa
Pink ruffle pillows
Gray tassel pillow
French accent chairs
Marble base lamp
Woven ottoman
Gold end table (sold out) similar
Mirror tray
Striped bookends
Gold octahedron
Gold piano lamp
*RUG that we ordered for this room
wearing white tee, boyfriend jeans
photos by Jordan Zobrist

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Looks so amazing! Feels like a whole different room!


thanks so much jen!!


I love everything about this room. Did you repaint your piano? What color did you use?


Yes I used annie sloan chalk paint in paris grey! I need to do a post just about painting the piano I think!! 🙂


You’re room looks so inviting:) I love the color of your door! Can you tell me what it is? I’m in the middle of paint selecting and I’m having a tricky time!


I wish I knew but I don’t I’m sorry!!


Hi! Can you tell me what flooring you have? I love it! Thank you!!

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