EXCLUSIVE half off Mother’s Day PMD code & custom collaboration!!!

It's FINALLY time for our Mother's Day PMD special and I. AM. STOKED. It's like Christmas morning for me over here!!!

It's Mint Arrow tradition now to give you the very BEST deal on the internet for the PMD Personal Microderm Pro right here!! Literally you WILL NOT find it from anyone else, anywhere else, for a better deal than right here. This award-winning at-home microdermabrasion tool, sold in all major high-end beauty retailers like NordstromNeimans and Sephora, is my secret weapon for amazing skin. It's just a product I really believe in! This year we're also adding the PMD Clean Pro to our CUSTOM DESIGN lineup, and I cannot wait for you to give this little tool of magical amazingness a try.

CUSTOM COLLAB DETAILS: I've been working with PMD to launch this gorgeous special PMD Personal Microderm Pro and PMD Clean Pro combo in a bright white/marble that will look beautiful on your counter.

The last time we launched our white PMD Personal Microderm Pro custom collaboration in November, we sold out of them in an hour and a half, after the site crashed!!!!

We've ordered even more units this time but I still expect them to sell out extremely fast. Our white with marble PMD Clean Pro is an exclusive custom collaboration color that they've never offered and we also expect this to sell out at lightening speed.

DEAL DETAILS: OF COURSE, I have an EXCLUSIVE half off code for just my readers! This is a Mother's Day dream come true–you can basically treat yourself to at-home, spa-quality skin treatments at a fraction of the cost!

Use code MAMOM50 to get 50% off site-wide on ANYTHING from PMD!!! This code ends Monday at midnight MST.

mothers day pmd

The only exception with the code is the monthly auto-ship subscription for the replacement discs with the PMD Personal Microderm Pro, but I think it's smarter anyway to just stock up on a bunch of the discs at half off instead of get them auto-shipped for 15% off, right?!?!

This is the best deal you will EVER see on PMD products, and we always sell out of the pretty custom collaboration tools, so this is for sure the time to act fast and treat your skin (or treat your mom!) to some amazing TLC.

IN TIME FOR MOTHER'S DAY: We're releasing this JUST in time for Mother's Day so you can get it for your mom or hint to your hunny that you want this for Mother's Day too.

pmd white pro
personal microderm

Let me tell you WHY I love my PMD Personal Microderm Pro so much and why I’m offering you guys this exclusive deal for the FIFTH year in a row! Mother's Day is my favorite time to offer this deal because I just think it's the perfect gift for a mom of any age. It helps with reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, scars, or any of those things that come with the beauty of getting a bit more seasoned! My mom loves hers and I've met so many other moms of my friends who are in their grandmothering years who love the PMD Personal Microderm Pro!!

The PMD Personal Microderm Pro allows you to do at-home microdermabrasion treatments that take off a layer of dead skin and help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, redness, fades, sun spots and acne scarring, makes your skin NOTICEABLY clearer, smoother and more beautiful with each use! It’s honestly a secret weapon tool for anti-aging and making your skin look 10x better than it did before you knew it existed.

pmd beauty bundle

I love the PMD Personal Microderm Pro because it gives you the MOST options for taking care of your skin with both low and normal speed settings. If you have sensitive skin you will really appreciate this feature! Using it weekly makes such a difference in how my makeup goes on since it removes the layer of dead skin that makeup can cling to. Without that layer, your makeup just glides on and looks so much more natural!

mothers day pmd

Here are the questions I get asked most often and my honest answers:

What’s the difference between the PMD Personal Microderm Classic and the PMD Personal Microderm Pro?
The big difference is that the PMD Personal Microderm Pro has two speeds so you can set it on a low speed if you have extra sensitive skin! I honestly love them both and have seen amazing results using either one, but if you have sensitive skin, the pro is definitely a worthwhile investment for you!

How is the PMD Personal Microderm Pro different from the PMD Clean Pro?
The PMD Clean Pro cleanses your face but doesn’t perform microdermabrasion. I honestly love both, and they perform such completely different tasks. One is for cleansing the skin (PMD Clean Pro) and one is for perfecting the skin (PMD Personal Microderm Pro) with medical-grade microdermabrasion treatments. It’s kind of like asking if you need a clothing washer or dishwasher more or if they can do the same thing. Two totally different things, both amazing, just super different!

How do you use it and is it hard to figure out?
Follow the directions on this page for the PMD Personal Microderm Pro and the directions on this page for the PMD Clean Pro and you can’t go wrong! They are so super easy to use, I promise you'll have it figured out even from the first time.

They even include a little dummy disc on the PMD Personal Microderm Pro for you to give it a test run before your first real microdermabrasion treatment!

pmd personal microderm pro

Does it hurt?
Not ONE bit. Not even a little. Promise!!

How expensive is it?
Normally the PMD Personal Microderm Pro retails for $199 at places like NordstromSaksSephora etc. and the PMD Personal Microderm Classic retails for $159 and the PMD Personal Microderm Pro is $200. The PMD Clean Pro retails for $149. but with our exclusive mother's day discount, you can get these at HALF OFF !!!

So the PMD Personal Microderm Pro is $99.50, the PMD Personal Microderm Classic is $79.50, and the PMD Clean Pro is $79.50 with the code MAMOM50 at checkout.

Are these still expensive devices? Yes, but one single microdermabrasion treatment in a spa usually costs $100-200, so you’ll be able to do the same type of treatments at home over and over again for less than the cost of ONE professional treatment!

And I LOVE that you don't have to replace a brush head with the new PMD Clean Pro!!

Also, if you’re spending even a little bit of money on nice skin care, when you use the PMD Personal Microderm Pro and the PMD Clean Pro you’re allowing that skincare to really do its job and penetrate into your skin instead of sitting on top of a dead layer of skin. HUGE benefit that will make all the nice skincare you’re spending money on actually work the way you want it to.

Can I use it on other parts of my body besides my face?
YES! One of the reasons I love the PMD Personal Microderm Pro so much is because it literally was the ONLY thing that’s cured the keratosis pilaris (KP) on my arms – the tiny red bumps so many other people suffer from on the back of their arms. I moisturize on my arms daily with trader joe’s coconut oil and then once a week, again with clean dry skin, I use the larger attachment and do a PMD Personal Microderm Pro treatment on my arms. I saw DRAMATIC improvements in just a couple weeks! I also really love using the PMD Personal Microderm Pro head to toe before a spray because it helps everything really seep in and stay on my skin rather than just sitting on the surface. Trust me, your tan really will last SO MUCH LONGER.

How often should you change your PMD Personal Microderm Pro discs?
They suggest after every 3-4 uses, but I used to stretch mine out to every 5-6. Over time I keep realizing that the PMD Personal Microderm Pro definitely works best when the discs are fresh!!

Which discs do you use?
I started out using the dummy disc as instructed, then each week moved my way up until I felt comfortable using the green disc. After a couple of years, I finally felt safe trying the red disc and I LOVE the results I get from that, but please proceed with caution! If you follow the instructions from PMD Personal Microderm Pro you’ll get optimal results without damaging your skin. My mom has very sensitive skin and uses the sensitive disc (blue) and gets amazing results, while not irritating her skin by using a disc that doesn’t work for her.

pmd clean pro

What is the PMD Clean Pro?
So this launch we're SO excited to offer a matching PMD Clean Pro along with our PMD Personal Microderm Pro! I love how these two little devices work together to give you flawless skin. The PMD Clean Pro uses SonicGlow and ActiveWarmth technologies to break down the oil and dirt in your pores. It works at 7,000 vibrations per minute at a perfect frequency and temperature to lift, tone, and firm your skin. It's like the ultimate CLEAN skin at the end of the day!

pmd clean pro
pmd clean pro

How do you clean the PMD Clean Pro?
The PMD Clean Pro is made of medical-grade silicon, which is anti-bacterial, so you only need to rinse it with warm soapy water to clean it and it's ready to use forever!

And NO brush head replacements like some of the old cleansing brushes I've used in the past 🙂

pmd clean pro

I seriously, seriously CANNOT WAIT for you guys to get your hands on these amazing skincare tools! I hope you'll let me know how much you love using it too, because I swear you'll see such a difference.

We've also created a couple little kits of some of my favorite things, which I think are such a great way to treat yourself or to use as a gift! The Mint Arrow Faves bundle has everything you need for a total skin makeover, including the custom Mint Arrow white PMD Clean Pro and the PMD Personal Microderm Pro (with the normal set of discs and face/body caps), the Kennedy bag, an extra set of green discs, an extra set of red discs, a box of masks, and a makeup removing cloth!  The retail value is $473 but with my code it's just $225 so you save even MORE than half when you buy the bundle!!

pmd personal microderm pro bundle

We also did a Mint Arrow Clean Pro Starter Kit, which has the PMD Clean Pro, a box of masks, a makeup removing cloth, and the Kennedy bag. Usually this would all be $234, but with my code, it's just $111! This is awesome if you already have a PMD Personal Microderm Pro and you want to step up your daily skincare routine.

Personal Microderm

Like I said, this is the best deal ALL YEAR on the PMD Personal Microderm Pro, so now is the time to snag one!

Remember to use our code MAMOM50 for HALF OFF your order…the best deal you will EVER see on PMD devices!! This deal ends Monday at midnight MST!

I hope you love the results you get and have fun treating yourself and surprising the sweet moms in your life. Happy Mother's Day!

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