Finding the perfect mattress + favorite BEDDING sale!!

perfect mattress favorite bedding So a couple months ago I sat on an airplane next to a very nice man who turned out to be an executive in the mattress industry. So of course, I took that opportunity to chat his ear off about what he really thinks is THE BEST mattress since (gulp) my husband has had the same mattress on our bed for the past 8+ years. And after he asked some questions about budget (we were willing to spring for nice, but not a million dollars) and whether we wanted to shop in store or have it shipped in a box (hello, dropship is my life!) he knew just what to recommend.

You want to know what he said?

I know you're dying to know.

TUFT AND NEEDLE! You guys, the ads you see on instagram of the cute box that shows up on your door are not only cute, they really are because that mattress company is the real deal. Comfortable AND supportive.

perfect mattress favorite bedding

I was worried we had cursed ourselves for LIFE (okay I'm being dramatic, but cursed ourselves at least for a few months of horrific adjustment period) by sleeping on the softest squishiest bed that was actually starting to cause us both back pain. But I knew we needed to repent of our squishy old soft mattress ways and get something more supportive, while still trying to find something comfortable enough to sleep on.

perfect mattress favorite bedding

I took his advice and ordered myself a Tuft & Needle mattress, along with this mattress topper he also suggested that provides a layer of cool comfy support and I can honestly say it's been the best sleep I've ever had in my adult life!! I think we've officially found the perfect blend of comfort and support to produce super dreamy sleep. Tuft and Needle did provide this mattress in exchange for my posting here but as I said before, it came highly recommended by an executive in the mattress industry and I tried it and TRULY loved it myself. I had a 100 night sleep return guarantee (and you will too if you order one) and my plan was to return it and try another if I didn't love it but, I really did love it and I'm confident you will too.

perfect bedding favorite mattress

master bedroom details here
bedding (sold out), similar on sale here!
photos by Arielle Levy

ALSO, since we're on the topic of bedding, I wanted to be sure you guys knew that my FAVORITE bedding of all time ever is ON SALE right now!! I feel so bad but the exact bedding shown here is sold out (sorry!!) but the bedding we used in this shoot is on sale (and I'm obsessed!! comfiest bedding I've ever used with 160+ perfect reviews) along with some other favorite picks below that are the highest rated and most popular that I would totally buy and put right into my house:

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  1. Bought the Rivulets quilt on your recommendation a little while ago and absolutely love it! My husband was unsure at first but he comments all the time that it’s the best bedding we’ve ever had!

    One question: I think you mentioned before that you machine wash it, although the tag says dry clean only? Am I mistaken? How do you clean it and keep it bright white?

    Thanks again for the recommendation!

    1. Hey Roxana! I am so so happy to hear you love it too 🙂 I have only dry cleaned my quilt actually! I just try to be careful on it, we don’t eat or let our kids jump up on our bed if they’ve been playing outside haha. It’s held up so well for so long!

      1. Ah ok! I’ve been really careful, too….I actually don’t let my husband sit on it with his jeans on….lol! Thanks Corrine!

  2. Corinne- So we bought the mattress and topper like you suggested but I’m wondering why you would put a topper on a brand new mattress??

    1. Hey Summer!! So we tried the mattress all on its own and it was a lot more firm than we were used to (which like I said in my post, wasn’t the smartest thing for our backs haha!) so the topper was kind of a nice in-between for having the comfort layer but still the firmness that would help our backs. But if you like a more firm mattress you prob don’t even need the topper. Does that help? 🙂

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