Dorm room essentials that you haven’t thought about yet!

Mid-August means back to school is on the horizon, for all ages! We had such a great response to our graduation gift guide that we thought something that would be helpful (along those same lines) would be a guide for dorm room essentials.

If you or your son/daughter or anyone you know is heading off to college for the first time, these are all of the essentials (that you might not have thought about yet!), listed out in one place! Plus, there's an amazing deal happening on one of the best items on the list (RE: Beddy's!!!). Keep reading for all the deal details, and for the dorm room essentials guide!

dorm room essentials

Beddy's summer blowout sale!

Before we jump into all the dorm room essentials, we have to talk about this CRAZY deal first! Right now, Beddy's is having a huge summer blowout sale, where you can get up to 50% off PLUS an extra 20% off with code BLOWOUT. This is the BEST bedding, and these prices are insanely low. It's the perfect time to buy!

You can read more about why Beddy's is a Mint Arrow fave below – but long story short: ordering Beddy's for a dorm room is one of the best ideas you'll ever have. GAME-CHANGING for bed-making every morning when you're trying to make it to class on time (just zip it up!), aaaand they have the cutest designs ever!

We'll talk more about it later – but on to the rest of the essentials!

dorm room essentials

Dorm room essentials

  1. Mobile Utility Cart: This rolling storage cart will become your new BFF! Use it to neatly store your toiletries in your bathroom area, or put it next to your desk for extra bedroom storage space. We all know dorms aren't the largest living spaces, so anything you can find like this that will give you extra room for your stuff is a dorm room essential for sure. And this utility cart is especially great with over 10,000 near perfect reviews!!
  2. Extension Cord: You're going to be SO glad you have this! You don't realize how many things you have to plug in until you move into your dorm room. You want to make sure you have enough outlets easily accessible for your laptop charger, phone charger, headphone charger, alarm clock, hair tools – ALL the things!!
  3. Laundry Backpack with mesh pocket: This laundry backpack is GENIUS, and under $15!!! You may not know how rough it is carrying your laundry down a couple flights of stairs yet, but you can imagine it's not a favorite memory from college. BUT if this was around then?! GAME. CHANGER. Just throw all your laundry in this backpack and carry it down, no sweat! It also has a perfect pocket to carry your detergent in, too.
  4. Shower Shoes: Alright, let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the inevitable – community. dorm room. showers. It's a thing. Not a bad thing, buuuut walking around in everyone's wet germs barefoot? That's a bad thing. To the rescue – these comfy shower slides!!! They're the easiest shoes to throw on, and they have a thick, non-slip sole so you don't risk slipping and sliding. Keep everything from the top of your head to the tip of your toes squeaky clean and comfortable with these highly-rated shower shoes!
  5. Makeup Mirror: If you apply makeup, you'll definitely want a makeup mirror in your room to be able to get ready quickly and comfortably! There are lots of makeup mirrors out there, but this one is touchscreen, chargeable, and made for small spaces. It folds open for a larger view when you're using it, and it also has LED lights so you can see well while applying! It comes in four different colors with three different magnifications, and best of all, it's under $30.
  6. Speaker with clock and Alexa: This smart speaker is more than just a clock and alarm (although that's very important in college!). It also plays music, tells you the weather, reads your to-do list… kind of a personal, college assistant! And it's under $60 with over 100,000 SKY-HIGH reviews!!! When talking dorm room essentials, this one is a gimme!
  7. Portable Steamer: Who has time to iron? (Ever, but especially in college!) This portable steamer is the perfect way to get the wrinkles out of your clothes right before class without having to set up a full ironing board and wait for the iron to heat up – and it's only $29.99!
  8. Barefoot Dreams Blanket: These blankets were a super hot item during the Anniversary Sale, and for good reason! Every dorm room can use a super soft, cozy blanket – and can we get a round of applause for the gorgeous leopard print?! Super highly rated, and a perfect gift for someone heading off to college, too.
  9. Notebooks: Dorm room essentials, college essentials… This cute 6-pack of multi-colored notebooks is perfect so that you can have a different notebook for each class! Under $20, and get it quick with Prime shipping.
  10. Closet Basket Shelf Storage: The more organized your closet can be, the better. Dorm rooms usually only offer a really small space for your wardrobe, so you want to get the most out of that space as you can! These basket shelves help make that possible and are just $41.99. Super highly rated, too!
  11. Mini Fan: Dorm rooms can get warm, and having a mini fan next to your bed will be a life. saver. at night! You can also move this one to your desk if you're studying and need some air. Especially in a room with not a ton of air flow – you're going to be really grateful you have a fan! This one comes in lots of different colors and is only $39.99 with awesome reviews.
  12. Aroma Diffuser: Diffusing oils is such a great way to relieve stress, and to freshen up a space. This diffuser is super cute, SUPER powerful, and only $28. Most importantly, it pumps out oils for 8 straight hours! It's absolutely perfect for keeping a dorm room feeling fresh and smelling amazing.
  13. Beddy's: If you haven't heard all the details on why we're head over heels in love with Beddy's yet, you can read all about it in this post. But again, in short, this is the BEST dorm room bedding because all you have to do to make your bed in the morning is zip it up. Beddy's has super cute designs, and everything they make is such great quality that you'll be able to use it all throughout college, and even long after if you wanted. Don't forget that you can get up to 50% off right now plus an extra 20% off with code BLOWOUT at checkout!

Home away from home

Make your dorm room cozy and complete with all of these dorm room essentials! We hope this post is super helpful in making your college experience a great one. And let us know if there's anything else you'd add to our list! Good luck, university-goers!

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