Beddys BLACK FRIDAY in July code!

July 30, 2019

It's BLACK FRIDAY IN JULY on one of my very very favorite products, wait probably my VERY favorite product, that I've got in both my little girls' bedroom and I'm jumping up and down excited to share it with you! Have you joined the Beddy's bed tribe yet? If not, you're about to have your whole world rocked.

Kids making their beds TO PERFECTION without being asked. Moms washing all the bedding in one fell swoop. Little people excited to climb into their beds at night when it's time to go to sleep. Too good to be true? Nope. Keep on reading and I'll show you how. But FIRST, we have a crazy good exclusive deal happening that you do not want to miss!!

Beddy's bedding deal details

TODAY ONLY use code MINTARROW25 for 25% off your purchase on your Beddy's! But wait, there's more! For every $200 you spend (after discounts), you will get a $10 Beddy's gift card! This is SUCH a good deal you guys!! The deal ends at 11:59 pm MST, so take advantage while you can!

Quick note about the gift cards if you spend over $200: They will be issued within 24 hours of purchase and can be used immediately after receiving

Super easy for everyone

Why do we love Beddy's? Beddy's beds are the most genius bedding sets of all time EVER because they combine your sheets and your comforter into ONE, and they do it with a zipper that makes it easy enough for a 2 year old to make their bed. If they can zip, they can make their bed!!!

Crazy comfortable

Okay and not only are they genius, they're SO COMFY. My girls absolutely LOVE sleeping in their Beddy's beds! We finally got one for Lyla this past Spring because she begged me for months to get one just like Anabelle's.

Lyla's beddy's is Love at First White and she has the Naturally Pillow Cover and Peaches & Cream Pillow cover on her bed. I love how fresh and clean this look is and it's great for having guests in her room when we have a full house! You can use our 25% off code on the bedding OR the pillows, or buy the bedding and then use your gift cards that come with it to buy the pillows after! 🙂

They come in minky (where the top is like a soft blanky) or non-minky (just a sheet feeling) but my girls are OBSESSED with the minky!! They both love crawling into their cozy beds at the end of the night and it's like a treat at the end of the day.


The other thing I've absolutely loved about Beddy's is the independence it's created for my girls. They feel so proud of themselves when they have their rooms all picked up and beds made ALL BY THEMSELVES!

Perfect for bunk beds

We don't have bunk beds in our home, but I've heard for anyone who has bunks that these are a game changer for making bunk beds because you can literally just zip up the side!!

The photos above are from when Anabelle first got her beddy's Goldie Dotsbedding, but the one below is a tiny refresh since we added a beddy's Can't Top Tassels Pillow Cover and Boho Blast Blanket . Their pillows and throws are SO CUTE and work with our 25% off code (or you can use your Beddy's gift card to add some fun accents after too!

Yellow Bed Details Here

FAQ's about Beddy's Bedding

Some of my most frequently asked questions about Beddy's:

Are they hot?

Are they hot to sleep in: Nope! My girls love sleeping in them even in the summer. And I sleep SUPER hot but I've slept in beddy's bedding too (the minky kind!) and didn't get hot! They're just the literal perfect balance of warm and a bit weighted but not HOT at all.

Do they hold up after washing?

Do they stay looking nice even after you wash them: YES! I think ours still look perfectly new and beautiful even after several washes. All of the photos you see in this post were taken after our Beddy's had been washed multiple times! Also if you get a few funny wrinkles that really bug you (they never bug me but if you did!) you could always use a steamer to clean them up.

Do they ever have deals?

Do they ever have deals: okay you guys this 25% off deal is THE SAME as their Black Friday deal!!! It only goes till midnight tonight so you have to act fast if you want this deal!

Make sure you use code MINTARROW25 to get 25% off your entire order. And don't forget that you will get a $10 Beddy's gift card for every $200 you spend after discounts!

SO excited for you guys to try out Beddy's and fall in love with them like we have!

Product Details

Bedding: Love at First White
Pillows: Naturally Pillow Cover, Peaches & Cream Pillow cover
Bedroom details

Bedding: Goldie Dots, Boho Blast Blanket
Pillows: Can't Top Tassels Pillow Cover

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