Why we love Disney+ and how to start for FREE!

December 17, 2019

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Disney+ is here what a wonderful day!! My girls were so excited that they did a countdown for the week leading up to Disney+. They could not wait to watch all the movies and would ask me every single day “How many more days till Disney+?” On the launch date, we let our kids have a special movie night (on a school night!) to watch a movie and eat treats!

Today I'm sharing with you guys why this service is seriously a NO BRAINER, and how it's saving us SO. Much. MONEY.

Why Disney+

We love all our streaming services, but this one has been a total GAME CHANGER for us!! Before I was spending so so much money every single time a new movie came out to add it to our collection.

So much to choose from

Thanks to Disney+, we have access to TONS of the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic movies and shows we love 24/7/365! This. Is. Incredible. Not only can my girls watch the Disney and Pixar movies they're obsessed with, but they're also able to watch their favorite Disney Junior series like Doc McStuffins. We also really love watching National Geographic on Sundays after church.

It's been really fun to show them throwback movies that they've never seen before, like A Muppet Christmas Carol! I loved that movie as a kid and remember watching it over and OVER on a VHS back in the day of “be kind, rewind.” Also for my fellow 80s and 90s children, both Home Alone 1 and 2 and The Santa Clause are on Disney+, which is totally perfect because 'tis the season!

Unlimited Downloads

Not only is Disney+ the coolest streaming service around, but you can also download movies and shows onto up to 10 devices to watch on the go! We did that before all our Thanksgiving travel and it was so, so nice. Our girls only get to use the iPads on airplanes and being able to download UNLIMITED movies to each iPad made this special travel treat even sweeter!

Money Saving Magic

The price is absolutely bananas. Before Disney+ we were probably spending $20-$100 a month on new movies for my kiddos. This streaming service is just $6.99 a month! If you're still not sure if Disney+ is for you, you can actually try it for FREE for 7 days! If you fall in love with it after 7 days you also have to option to save a little more money and pay $69.99 for the year, versus being billed monthly.

By the end of year one, over 500 movies and 7500 episodes of TV will be available on Disney+. Just think about the cost of purchasing all of those movies. Disney+ is a major wallet friendly win!

Disney Everywhere

You can access Disney+ on your smart TV, phone, laptop, tablet or gaming console so you don't have to invest in anything new to start enjoying it now! If you love Disney movies at all, or Pixar or Marvel or Star Wars, signing up is a total no brainer! Sign up for your 7 day free trail here and start streaming now!

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