8 Reasons Why the Bathroom is the Best Place For Your Amazon Echo

I have been singing the praises of the Amazon Echo for quite awhile now. Especially Alexa. Alexa is practically a member of our family at this point! We use our the Echo Dot all over the house. It's very handy to have in the kitchen and the family room, but do you know where the Echo Dot really shines? In the bathroom! Today I'm sharing EIGHT ways Alexa is changing the game in your bathroom routine.

Amazon echoI use the Echo Dot in the bathroom. It's little and cute and doesn't take up a lot of valuable bathroom counter real estate.

1.) SING IN THE SHOWER. Life is just better with a soundtrack and the bathroom acoustics are perfect for belting out all my favorite tunes. Despite it's size the Echo Dot can pump up those jams pretty loud! Alexa also makes a great bath buddy! I love to fill up the bath, throw in a favorite bath bomb, dim the lights and catch up on a podcast or whatever I'm currently ‘reading' on Audible.

amazon echo2.) BEAT THE CLOCK. I'm not always wearing a watch or may not have my phone right in front of me  when I'm in the bathroom getting ready so I totally rely on Alexa. If I'm trying to hurry and get ready it's so nice to just be able to say “Alexa, what time is it?” and have her just tell me! It's so easy to get sidetracked in the bath when the water temperature is just right, or my favorite shower song just came on, or I'm trying to decide on a shade of lipstick and now oops I'm late. Never again!

3.) CHECK THE WEATHER. The ideal time to find out that it is raining or otherwise inclement is typically before you get outside. I use the feature a lot if I'm running up to LA for meetings, because the weather in LA isn't always the same as it is in Orange County. It's nice to know in advance if I need that jacket or if I should leave that layer at home. This is also a super helpful feature if you're packing for a trip! You can just Alexa what the weather is like wherever you're headed and pack appropriately.

amazon echo4.) AVOID TRAFFIC JAMS. I love asking Alexa for the traffic report or asking her how long it will take to get somewhere. This is super helpful information so that I know what time I absolutely have to leave to avoid being late or if I have 15 extra minutes to do a smoky eye or another coat of mascara.

5.) TIMING IS EVERYTHING. I love this Alexa feature in the kitchen, but the hands-free timer is a match made in bathroom heaven. I use this one a lot when I'm doing purple shampoo in my hair so I don't get distracted and leave it in for too long and ruin my color. I'll simply ask Alexa to set a timer and it's done! You'll totally appreciate this feature if you do any hair treatments or masks or just love long showers (or have a kid that does!). Tell Alexa to set a timer for 10 minutes and you'll always know when it's time to rinse out or get out!

amazon echo dot 6.) ADD IT TO THE LIST. Never run out of shampoo or makeup setting spray or your favorite mascara ever again. Amazon has a ton of luxury beauty items and Alexa makes it super easy to either reorder something or add it to your shopping list the second you think about it.

7.) REMEMBER THE TIME. Sometimes I do my very best thinking in the bathroom. If you're in the middle of curling your hair or mid-shower and have a brilliant thought or just need to remember to do something later you can ask Alexa. Just ask Alexa to pen a note for you or say “Alexa, remind me” and have her make a reminder for you.

8.) ORDER FOOD. Use Alexa to place an order for pickup and have your food or beverage ready for you when you arrive. This is also a great feature for date night. If I'm in the bathroom getting ready I can tell Alexa to order pizza for delivery. Then when Neil and I are ready to walk out the door pizza is already arriving for the girls. THE BEST!  robe

Amazon Echo Dot
Make up brush
Blending brush
Soft Blend Concealer
Brush #7
Brow pencil
Liquid foundation
Stila Smoky storm
Stila Eye Shadow
Foundation Primer
Eye Shadow Palette
Curling Iron
Powder Blush
Brow gel
Oribe dry styling set
Luminous Hairspray
Lighted Mirror
Pink Hair Brush
Photos by Arielle Levy

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