The red emoji dress under $100 + ten affordable date night ideas

Nordstrom Red DressAs much as I really do love a good night in with a movie and snuggles, it’s so fun to get dressed up for a date night out every once in a while! And I really don’t think date nights out have to be extremely expensive to be fun and classy. So today we’ve got 10 date night ideas for you to get out with your lover that won’t break the bank! And the most perfect red dress under $100 for your next dressed up event.

When Neil and I were first dating, we we’re both working like crazy and watching our wallets, so Neil surprised me with tickets to a local theater play production. It was such a fun treat, and a fraction of the cost of a broadway show. I made a little list at the bottom of the top ten affordable date night ideas I think you guys will totally love, and a local theater production is definitely included!

This little red dress is the perfect date night dress!! It’s so sassy and fun and I LOVE that it’s under $100. It’s machine washable (which is definitely a plus in my book) and the perfect length. The description of this little red dress says, “a dress that would love strolling through the park after dinner, its handkerchief hem swinging high above the grass, the night moon shining at your back.” Sounds like a perfect date night dress to me, please and thank you!

top ten date night ideasThese are my go-to black heels. They are the perfect shoe for basically all occasions including date night! They are beautiful, simple and COMFORTABLE. These are a timeless pair of shoes that I totally believe are worth the investment.

Red Handkerchief DressThis leopard clutch is my go-to for years now for any dressy event. It’s a neutral in my book and holds just all of the essentials without being clunky. This leopard clutch adds an extra little flare to any outfit and is such great quality. I’ve worn it over and over and I’m obsessed!

Cheetah Clutch Red Dress
Little Red Shirtdress (under $100!)
Strappy Black Heels, dupes
Calf Hair Cheetah Clutch, dupe

I came up with this list of date night ideas for you guys, you could enjoy these activities with your spouse, your girlfriends, your family, or even yourself if you’re in need of some me time!

1. Local Theater Production
2. Get takeout and have a picnic on the beach (or park depending where you live)
3. Go to the drive-in movies
4. Have a fire at the beach and make some s’mores
5. Take a hike or nature walk
6. Check your city’s calendar, there are usually free concerts and events happening all the time!
7. Visit a free museum
8. Make a food bucket list and try new restaurants together
9. Go explore your downtown on either a Friday or Saturday night and enjoy some people watching
10. Rent bikes and explore fun neighborhoods

What are some of your favorite date nights? l’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!!


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Darolyn Larson:

Can you post when your Tory Burch sandals go on sale? I want some but waiting for a sale 🙂 thanks!


You should have a contest where your readers try to guess where you took pictures for each article.
I think I recognize this place.
Thank you for the fun list!!


Great date night ideas and I ADORE that dress! The red is too pretty on you and the silhouette is amazing. I love the leopard details as well!

xx Ashleigh // Fashion in Flight


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