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I think it’s a universal truth that your house is never “done.” Just like the groceries only last so long in the fridge and your closet constantly needs a refresh! But home improvements can seem big and expensive and overwhelming. That’s why I LOVE shopping at for super cute, easy updates at low prices, plus I don’t even have to leave my house! Today I’m going to show you how I refreshed my living room with just a few key pieces to give it a more complete look.

This is the “before” of our living room (you can find all the details up to this point in this post!). I wasn’t in love with the pillows that came on the chairs, my girls were playing with the tray that was originally on the coffee table and chipped it, so the coffee table was bare naked, and we had this lovely little hole in the other corner of the room!

So I got to work scouting out some cute stuff on to pull this room together again, and found this basket (similar styles) and this side table (similar styles) to put in our lonely little corner. There’s just something about a basket with a fuzzy blanket that makes a space so inviting to me.

I also found this pineapple (similar styles) that I thought was SO cute to add to the accessories on top of the piano. Isn’t it so cute!!

Our little coffee table was so sad for a while there. It was really fun to buy some big, pretty books to give it life again! Plus who doesn’t love a good coffee table book?! I picked out this puppyhood book (which Ani pulled out of the box and said, “my mom bought this for me!!!!” ha), this Grand Budapest book, Cupcakes and Cashmere’s at home book, and this Vogue Living book (other books).

And the last but maybe my favorite improvement, faux fur pillows!!! (similar styles).

Don’t they just make those chairs 10x more fun than they were before?

Here’s the final BEFORE:

and AFTER:

T.J.Maxx has such cute stuff at great prices that the good stuff tends to get snatched up really quickly! You probably noticed that I linked to the products I bought, but also included links to similar products because some my amazing finds already sold out! Don’t even worry though because has hundreds of new styles added to their site each week, so there’s always amazing new stuff ALL the time. I also that you can go on a T.J.Maxx treasure hunt online 24/7/365, and if anything doesn’t work out in your home you can return in-store free. They have free shipping on all orders over $89 too!

I scoured everything again for you guys and picked out the best stuff that’s available right now. Here’s a quick guide of all the categories I picked through:
Decorative accents
Throw pillows
Accent furniture

Shop all of the cutest stuff from T.J.Maxx right now below:

Thanks so much T.J.Maxx and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

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Love your couches but how do you manage white with children? I’m tempted to get white next time around.


Hey Cassie good question … this is the ektorp couch from ikea and I LOVE that I can buy a brand new slipcover for like $150 every few years and refresh it to look brand new. Also they wash up pretty well and I just use my steamer to get the wrinkles out after, and again it looks really nice. That’s how I do it! 😉


I love my faux fur pillows! One of my favorite living room pieces 🙂


Thanks Jennifer I totally agree!! 🙂


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