if ever there were a time to freak out over a blendtec deal, NOW IS THE TIME!!!

right now you can get the blendtec total blender refurbished with 4-sided jar for $209.95 andย or the blendtec total blender refurbished with wild side jar for $279.95! i’ve had my refurbished blendtec total blender for 2 years and have used it hundreds and hundreds of times and it still works like it did the day i took it out of the box. speaking of out of the box, it comes looking brand new and if my parents hadn’t told us that they bought us a refurbished blender i never even would have known!

this is the absolute cheapest, lowest price EVER on a blendtec blender! it also comes with a 7 year warranty and although mine has worked perfectly the entire time i’ve owned it, i do know one person who owns a refurbished blendtec and when she had a problem with it she was able to send hers back and get a brand new (refurbished) replacement, no questions asked.

because i know people will probably wonder, the 4 sided jar is awesome and if i had a small family or was dying for a blendtec but needed to spend the absolute least amount possible, i’d totally go for the 4-sided jar. i use this more than anything else because it’s the perfect size to make one HUGE batch of my green smoothie milkshake fake for myself every morning. i use the wild side when my husband’s home on the weekends or at night when i need to make a really super duper big batch that will fill two gigantic cups for both of us. the wildside is an amazing jar! but if you’re wanting to start with the 4-sided jar i think you’ll be really happy ๐Ÿ˜‰

there’s also an amazing deal on the designer series refurbished blendtec blender – $329.95 (regularly $379.95). again, the lowest price this blender has ever been!

in case you missed it, i’m giving away TWO blendtec blenders right now and this giveaway ends at midnight thursday, and the winner will be announced friday morning.

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It’s saying its $229 not $209


make sure you select the 4-sided jar to get the $209 price ๐Ÿ˜‰


Nm it’s working now


Does the wildside come with both jars?


so is this the black friday deal? like it started early? cause today is wednesday…. I’ve been noticing this alot as i’m shopping today companies are posting their black friday deals “early” but does that mean they are still gonna do a surprise extra percent off on friday? It’s throwing me off this year. I’m ready to buy today, but will wait til friday if I get a better deal, ya know?!


I forgot to post another thing I need in the giveaway comment. A humidifier!


How long will Blendtec deal last?


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