i am a little nervous but mostly really excited for the biggest shopping weekend of the year! i’ll admit i’m even a little overwhelmed by black friday, and i’ve chosen to not post at all on thanksgiving during the day, because my family and favorite holiday of the year is more important than any deal or blog post.

but on black friday (and maybe even thursday night after my baby’s in bed and we’re stuffed to the brim with turkey!) i’ll post every amazing deal that i find here and on my facebook page

i put together a list of the black friday ads and places to expect the best deals below. i am counting on amazon to bring out the big guns and match or beat every big-box retailer out there. they’ve done it in the past and i am certain they will do it again.

i converted over to online black friday shopping a couple years ago because i live in utah where it’s below freezing on most black fridays, and i like hanging in my pj’s and snuggling my hubby way better than standing in a line with strangers in the freezing cold for hours. and you can almost always get the same deals online (and sometimes even better!) than in store.

so here it is! i give you: the mint arrow black friday forecast

amazon: they will have some of the BEST deals out there. they’ll match or beat the big box retailers like walmart and best buy. and the best part? your order will ship right to your door, most likely for free, and you won’t pay tax in 42/50 states. last year we bought our TV on amazon’s black friday deal and beat the lowest prices at best buy, walmart, and sears. i’ll be posting all the best from amazon either here or on my facebook page. so, watch for those! if you see a deal you want, wait until the lightening deal goes live and immediately add it to your cart. you’ll then have 15 minutes to decide if you for sure want it. if you see “add to waitlist” on a deal you wanted, jump on the waitlist! i’ve gotten so many good things on the waitlist. if anyone drops that deal out of their cart or doesn’t check out in 15 minutes, it’s yours.

walmart: opening 6 p.m. thanksgiving day, they’re guaranteeing all their black friday deals in-stock during the first hour of their sale. you can see their black friday ad here. i predict most of their in-store deals will be available online too.

target: if you’re a red card holder, you can shop their black friday sale NOW! otherwise, they’ll start sales tomorrow at 8 p.m. and you can shop all of the same deals online as in-store. you can see their ad here.

best buy: doors open 6 p.m. thanksgiving. most of their deals will be available online too, and amazon will definitely be matching best buy’s prices.

kohls: already running amazing black friday deals. they open 8 p.m. thanksgiving and will offer most of the same deals online.

i have some exciting insider info on my favorite fashion retailers’ black friday ads that i can’t wait to post! look for that on the blog thursday night or friday morning. coupon codes for big discounts like 40 and 50% off on the brands i love. 

happy thanksgiving everyone!

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