The best Father’s Day gifts from Nordstrom, according to Neil!

When does a joke become a dad joke? When it becomes apparent… Ba-dum-tssss. (Did you really think I could create a guide about the best Father's Day gifts without starting it with a classic dad joke?)

ALL terrible jokes aside, we sure love the dads behind them. And if you know me, you know my favorite store of all time is Nordstrom – so this year I wanted to create a Nordstrom Father's Day gift guide, with only the BEST of the best ideas for spoiling Dad!To top it off, this gift guide is extra special because Neil put his hands in it and gave me all of his TOP recommendations – so these really are the best Father's Day gifts, from a father himself! Now let's get into it, because Father's Day is coming up quick, so you'll want to order your picks ASAP.

In a hurry? Go straight to my picks below!

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The best Father's Day gifts from Nordstrom

  1. Premium Cotton T-Shirt: This is the shirt Neil is wearing in the photos above! Neil says it is super comfortable, and that the fit is perfect. (I can attest, I love it on him!) It's literally his favorite shirt, and I know any dad in your life would feel the same. It's super highly rated and comes in a BUNCH of colors. I promise that this quality of shirt is worth every single penny, Neil swears by it!
  2. Ponto Performance Crew Pullover: The vuori brand gets super good ratings, so I’ve been keeping my eye on some of their items for a while. When I saw this pullover it immediately caught my attention – mostly because, as you can see from this amazing throwback (hello 80s hair!!), my dad has LOVED crewneck sweatshirts for YEARS and years and years. (Probably one of my favorite pictures of all time – I’m still laughing). This pullover is definitely an option I’m thinking about getting him for Father’s Day this year! 
    father's day gifts
  3. Kore Shorts: These shorts have such a cool vibe, and they're also from vuori which basically means you already know they are super highly rated! They are lightweight and could be worn to the gym, on the trail, or just to hang out in during the summer. My dad, Neil, and my brothers all love camo, so I thought the pattern was perfect, too – especially if the dad you're buying for is into the outdoors!
  4. Father's Day Card: I think it's so great that Nordstrom carries such cute (and non-cheesy!) Paper Source Father's Day cards! If you're already buying a gift from Nordstrom, you can get your card and present all in one simple card swipe — without even leaving your couch. It’s a pretty perfect combo of convenience and thoughtfulness. Leave it to Nordstrom to make gift shopping the easiest part of your to-do list!
  5. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses: Neil is a Wayfarer man through and through. This is the style he gravitates toward every time he buys sunglasses in general, but he says Ray-Ban's version takes the cake. I absolutely love these sunglasses on Neil, too, so it's a win-win gift! These were Neil's very first pair of Ray-Bans and he really, really likes them. I know the dad in your life will love them, too! And if we can't convince you enough, look at those ultra high ratings.
  6. Leather Strap for Apple Watch: If you’re buying for a dad who traditionally loved his leather strap watch, but his Apple Watch has become his new best friend, this band will be his absolute favorite gift! You can choose between four different colors, and the leather looks like it's super high quality. My dad wears his Apple Watch religiously, and since he’s worn leather watches in the past I’m thinking he might really like this. If you're on the hunt for the best Father's Day gifts for the dad who already has everything, this is such a great option!
  7. UGG Slipper:  These are a CLASSIC Father's Day gift. Neil loves them, my dad loves them, I think anybody would love these. If your dad is still wearing his same slippers from the 90’s (can we take a minute to realize that was 30 YEARS AGO now?!!) then this is your sign for him: HE NEEDS NEW SLIPPERS. I guess you could say this is my gift suggestion for the dad who never buys himself new things, which is probably most dads out there! But seriously. These ultra cozy UGG slippers have over 3,000 sky-high ratings, and for just over $100 I think this gift is absolute perfection.
  8. Titanium Money Clip Card Case: Neil calls this the “fraud protection wallet.” He LOVES it and has been using it since I gifted it to him for Christmas. It's super, super slim, minimalist, with the ability to carry WAY more than you think! Neil can keep all his cards in there and then some. It has the perfect money clip on the back for cash, too.
  9. Cloud Running Shoe: I haven't bought these for Neil yet, but they're getting really good reviews. I LOVE the women's version of these, so I can only imagine the men's version is just as good! These shoes are super comfortable (literally feels like you're walking on a cloud) and they come in so many great colors, too! These would be the perfect gift for the guy who likes to workout, go running, or play sports – but they are also just nice sneakers to hang out in, too!
  10. Convertible Low Top Sneaker: Both Neil and my dad love OluKai shoes. They love their flip flops specifically, but the flip flops don’t have the most sleek design. (If I’m being real honest, I just don’t love how they look!) HOWEVER, these sneakers totally are sleek and good looking! If you’d love to see the dad in your life in a better looking everyday shoe, this gift is perfect. And you gotta love ALL five-star reviews!
  11. Everett SUD Slim Straight Fit Pants: These are Neil's ultimate. favorite. pants. When I felt them I seriously said “WHOA. Why aren't they making these for women?!” They're THAT good. SO butter soft, with the perfect amount of stretch – they really are absolutely amazing. Any guy would love these pants. I promise he would wear these constantly!
  12. Pacer Sneaker: Neil really wanted these sneakers (shown in the photos), so I splurged on him this year. He's been looking for the perfect suede shoe for forever, and once I saw that these shoes had perfect ratings I knew I had to pull the trigger and get them for him. He was SO excited when he found out! He says they fit really well and that they're super comfortable, and that he likes that they aren't too dressy or too casual either (which means he can wear them ALL the time!). It made me happy to get him something he absolutely loved.
  13. Commuter Shorts: I have never purchased anything from Rhone, but I keep hearing people RAVE about them. Even though Rhone is an athletic brand, these shorts are made for casual comfort. I think they are THE perfect summer staple for Dad going into the warmer months. Every man in my family is always looking for more shorts to wear in the summer, so I thought these were a great option with their perfect reviews and under $90 price point!
  14. Trim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt: This shirt gets incredible reviews. It’s Neil's favorite dress shirt from Nordstrom. And since he’s a church youth teacher throughout the school year, he really relies on having nice dress shirts that are comfortable and good quality. If the dad you’re buying for has to regularly dress up, he will LOVE this gift! Plus, it comes in four colors, and it's only $39.50.
  15. Modern Slim Fit Shorts: Neil's wearing these shorts in the photos, and he says they’re extremely comfortable. He loves the fit, the stretch, and the soft fabric. These are a little more pricey than the shorts in #13, but they’re tried & true and GREAT quality. They come in five fun colors for summer, and have crazy high reviews, too!

Buy in-store, online, or schedule curbside pickup

ALSO, I wanted to let you know that you can buy these products in person at your local Nordstrom, online with free shipping and returns, OR you can schedule a curbside pickup so you never even have to go into a store! Be sure to sign up for Nordy Rewards as well so you can earn money towards future purchases. We’re all about convenience and saving money here at Mint Arrow, so I had to make sure you knew all about it.

Modern Slim Fit Shorts
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
Cotton T-Shirt
Slim Fit Shorts
Photos by Arielle Levy

Only the most rad for dad

These are Neil's FAVORITE Nordstrom Father's Day gifts, and I totally agree that you can't go wrong gifting these to the dad in your life! And with Father's Day a little over a week away, you will definitely want to make sure you order sooner rather than later. We really hope this gift guide was helpful for your Father's Day shopping this year – I'm so grateful for all the wonderful dads out there, and so glad we get to celebrate them soon!

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