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nordstrom anniversary sale top beauty dealsbest day ever makeup bag (levtex, sold out)
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Once a year when some of my very best beauty secret weapons are on sale it’s my job to let you know so that you can stock up!! Tools and tricks for that I live for in the beauty department like the best deodorant on planet earth, my favorite brow gel, or the face wash that I just can’t quit.

nordstrom anniversary sale top beauty dealsnordstrom anniversary sale top beauty dealsThe very best deal of the Anniversary has got to be this NARS palette. $59 for a $175 NARS palette. Are you kidding me? Yes, please. If I had to guess this item is probably a high sell out risk! 4 limited-edition blushes, plus a highlighting blush and Laguna, one of the most iconic and universally flattering bronzing powders of all time.

nordstrom anniversary sale top beauty dealsThe Beachwaver Pro is making an appearance again this year. Nothing curls may hair as fast or as well as this tool. This is probably the best deal we’ll see all year on the pro. On sale for $167 ($250 after sale). A few months back I did a FB Live tutorial of the Beachwaver. Would you like to see it again? Comment and let me know!

nordstrom anniversay sale top beauty dealsEach one of these items comes with my personal stamp of approval. I’m spilling all the details on each of these favorite items and why I think they’re totally worth your money. I’ve looked through every single beauty product the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale had to offer this year and THESE are the ones that made the final cut:


This has been a favorite face wash of mine for YEARS. Super gentle and gets your makeup off without stripping eyelash extensions, which is a priority to me! Leaves my face feeling buttery soft. $55 for this anniversary sale set ($87 value)
OBSESED with this rose gold brush set!!! I always love MAC's brush sets in the anniversary sale, but that gold touch is just too good to resist! And the price is insanely good - $49.50 ($167 value)
My favorite little device for getting my face squeaky clean! The deepest clean you'll ever get for your face, at an amazing price. Plus I love that this one travels so well! ON SALE $146 (reg $219)
The best deal for stocking up on clarisonic brush heads!! $111 value for $74 during Anniversary Sale only. I LOVE that this set includes the cashmere brush head!!
This mirror is SO COOL. I've been using their older version of this and was already obsessed but this brand new GOLD version has bluetooth technology to make the light on the mirror match any other lighting. So you can make it match the lighting where you work, or bright outdoor light, or somewhere dim, so that when you do your makeup at home you know exactly how it's going to look when you leave the house too! ON SALE $167.50 (reg $250)
I'm completely in love with Oribe so this is for sure going in my cart! Just a head's up too, I didn't see this in-stores when I shopped yesterday so you might only be able to get it online! ON SALE $39 ($57 value)
love these little chubby sticks!! So cute and they work so well. $32 for 4 of these is a steal!
Probably THE best makeup deal of the entire sale!! $59 for a palette of $175 of Nars makeup? Yes please!!
I'm a LONG time fan of Moroccan Oil hair care and I love that this set comes with full size shampoo and conditioner, and their cult favorite Moroccan Oil treatment. $78 for $112 value which isn't a huge savings, but it is super hard to find this brand on sale!
My love for the beachwaver runs deep!! My curls have never lasted longer than when I started using my beachwaver, and I can literally curl my hair in half the time with this baby. ON SALE $167 (reg $250)
I just started using this pillow case and I LOVE IT!! This will make your lash extensions last longer, reduce bedhead, and it's way better for your skin too. Just say no to wrinkles! And this is one of the best priced "beauty" pillow cases of the sale. ON SALE $36 (reg $55)
MAC neutral shadows + liner + mascara for $36? No brainer!!
My favorite lip set of the sale! If you're a pink lip girl like I am, this is gonna be your jam. ON SALE $26.50 (reg $40)
I tried the Kate Somerville exfolikate for the first time a couple months ago and I have to say it's the one of the best exfoliators I've ever used!! I know tons of you are die-hard Kate Somerville fans so this is an incredible deal if this is your favorite exfoliator. ON SALE $118 ($213 value).
I absolutely LOVE this dry shampoo! This shampoo/conditioner set is full size too which is so nice! ON SALE $75 ($130 value)
I love all of these products so much and these are FULL SIZE cans!! All three for $49 (reg $72)
The very best women's deodorant of all time! Smells amazing, WORKS in even the sweatiest situations and this is the best deal you'll see all year.
Clinique is one of my very favorite department store skin care lines that's at an affordable price point! You pay slightly more than you would at the drugstore, but you get department store quality. I've been using this moisturizer for years and LOVE it! ON SALE $38 (reg $52.50)
I became obsessed with this serum a couple years back and this is always when I stock up on mine! These two pump bottles lasted me through the entire year. ON SALE $160 (reg $208)
I'm freaking out over this little beauty set!! All of Benefit's BEST SELLERS for $29 (reg $67) - such a good deal!!
I live for my beauty blender! The cleanser is pure magic too. If you think it's the same thing as a regular bar of soap you would be wrong because this cleanser bar is 1000x better! I use it to clean my other makeup brushes too. And I love that this set comes with a large cosmetics case! ON SALE $35 (reg $66)
I use this brow gel EVERY SINGLE DAY. The best for keeping your brows in place and keeping the color you filled them in with too! ON SALE $29 (reg $44)

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