Episode 183: How Are You Talking to Yourself? With Darcey Wilde of Shine Cosmetics

A self-proclaimed lifelong cheerleader, Darcey Wilde cherishes relationships and works each day to help the world feel beautiful, one woman at a time. Darcey is co-owner and CEO of Shine Cosmetics, the positive voice in beauty. Committed to being the leader in removing the sexualization of women in the beauty industry, Shine Cosmetics is determined to help women recognize their true beauty, by creating high quality, easy to use products that highlight the very best features of the unique and bright women who wear them. Darcey believes that words matter and the Shine product line focuses on the positive qualities every woman possesses and serves to reaffirm them as she prepares for her day.


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Time Stamps:

[01:14] – Darcey Wilde says the idea for Shine Cosmetics came during a dance competition.

[04:02] – Corrine and Darcey share their views on makeup and confidence. Makeup enhances what’s already beautiful about each of us.

[05:59] – Darcey is very intentional about the names of the makeup products, so that they are empowering affirmations.

[08:39] – Darcey is a serial entrepreneur who’s not afraid to tackle a problem when she sees one.

[10:21] – Here are Darcey’s tips for dealing with imposter syndrome and forging your own path.

[12:01] – The people who resonate with your brand are your people.

[13:55] – Darcey encourages you to trust what you are being called to do.

[15:28] – Darcey speaks on what she learned about self-talk and redefining her identity.

[17:47] – “The loudest voice you hear every day is your own.”

[19:54] – Darcey explains why it’s so important to talk to yourself with love and understanding.

[22:26] – Corrine shares that thoughts aren’t always right, true, or real.

[24:59] – It’s not silly to say good things about yourself. Words matter.

[27:56] – Corrine explores the idea that imperfect parenting is by design.

[29:35] – “What would you tell your 13-year-old self?”

[32:00] – Darcey talks about when she gave herself a makeover in her 30s. What happened?

[34:44] – Darcey says that you need to be the one to like what you see in the mirror.

[36:22] – There are no rules to makeup since we are all unique.

[38:47] – We all can have our own favorite when it comes to makeup.

[40:21] – In every stage in your life, you are beautiful.


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