Episode 176: How to Seek and Expect Miracles

Have you ever asked God for a miracle, or wondered how in the world you should go about that if you need one? I'm willing to bet that if you're listening to this, there's some kind of miracle you need in your life right this minute! I'm going to share with you the details of a few miracles that happened to me just last week, while Neil reminisces about some that happened on his mission, and then we'll share the formula that you can follow to seek and expect miracles in your life too.


Time Stamps:

[00:34] – Corrine recaps the youth camp she just came from. How did the trip go?

[02:53] – Can we really seek and expect miracles? Neil gives an example of putting together faith and action.

[05:04] – Neil talks about using prayer and intention to move towards miracles.

[06:49] – Seeing miracles consistently builds the amount of faith you have for the next miracle.

[09:09] – The Lord is willing to intervene in the lives of those who believe in him.

[11:05] – Where did Corrine find the confidence to seek and expect miracles?

[13:49] – Corrine talks about the miracles that happened during the youth trip that kept everyone safe.

[15:42] – Even when the situation looks one way, watch how a miracle will appear at the right moment. PART 1

[18:11] – Even when the situation looks one way, watch how a miracle will appear at the right moment. PART 2

[20:34] – Neil and Corrine talk about miracles being evidence of faith and belief.

[23:11] – Listen to Corrine and Neil talk about food miracles where it looked like there wasn’t enough to go around.

[25:56] – With miracles, everything aligns in a way that can’t be made up.

[28:48] – Miracles happen every day.

[31:19] – Are you expecting miracles or are you in doubt of them?

[33:56] – Boldly seek and expect miracles.

[35:50] – This will accelerate your spiritual momentum.


Supporting Resources:

“The Power of Spiritual Momentum” Talk by Russell M. Nelson.

New York Times article on Tyler Skaggs miracle tribute game.


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