9 viral TikTok products ACTUALLY worth the hype!

Quick Version: after LOTS of research, these 9 viral TikTok products from Walmart are actually genius + totally worth the hype!

You've more than likely found yourself walking by something in the store saying “I saw that on TikTok!” or “on an Instagram reel!” These social media videos have a grip over society, because who knew SO many genius products were out there, and at totally affordable prices?! From creators making a video, to millions of views on multiple platforms – the next thing you know, stores are completely sold out of what once were considered obscure products… now crowned genius!

BUT – here's the catch. Like anything on the internet, there are some products that get a lot of buzz that aren't really worth the hype. That's why we did a roundup of 9 of the best viral TikTok products all available at Walmart to test for ourselves and let you know if they're actually worth their crazy popular reputations!

tiktok products
Soft Serve Machine
Diamond Cleaner
Tal Tumbler
Fruit Slicer
Food Dispensers
USB-Rechargeable Mini Desktop Vacuum
Mini Sealer
Hanging Trash Can

In a hurry? Shop these viral products below:

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Fair warning, these items sell out super quick (because millions of people are talking about them), so we suggest making your purchase right now if you see something you're super excited about!

#IYWYK (If you Walmart, you know) is where you can find alll the TikTok gems featuring Walmart's unbeatable prices and products from home, beauty (see their best makeup dupes here), fashion, tech, and more!

grape slicer

9 viral TikTok products that are simply genius

1. Frozen fruit soft serve maker – TOP FAVE TikTok product!

This kitchen TikTok product is insane. SHOCKED is an understatement when we saw how this turned true frozen fruit (literally THE only ingredient, you don't even need ice cubes) into frozen. yogurt. And it was SO YUMMY, too!

If you have a sweet tooth but are ~trying~ to stay away from goodies + focus on some New Year healthy choices, this soft serve machine is going to change your eating life.

Take your favorite frozen fruit (we tried bananas and strawberries first) and use this device almost like a juice press and get a delicious soft serve dessert! That’s seriously it. This is a no-fuss product that doesn’t take a ton of steps and ingredients, plus it’s just $40!

Giving a consistency similar to a frozen yogurt/sorbet, this Yonanas Classic Dessert Maker is 100% fruit and 100% worth the money! This would definitely make the perfect refreshing treat during the summer, too!

This has more than 200 great reviews on Walmart, but on TikTok the hashtag #yonanas has 44.2 MILLION views! Clicking on this hashtag will take you to tons of people loving this product and helloooo to new recipe ideas!

We love how easy this kitchen gadget is to clean, and how easy it is to make a serving for just yourself, or multiple other people.

It's already been selling out so if you think you'll love it, too, add it to cart as fast as you can!

tiktok products
fresh fruit soft serve
tiktok products
frozen fruit soft serve

2. Diamond cleaner – TOP FAVE TikTok product!

This small product has a big impact the moment you use it to clean a ring! A lot of the time we don’t think about cleaning our rings and probably don’t notice after so long that they’ve lost a lot of their shine.

Dropping precious pieces off with a pro sometimes takes time we don’t have, so this diamond cleaner is the perfect way to buff up your jewelry at home! Trying it on a wedding ring as part of our test legitimately worked to clean the ring, making it look brand. new. From dull to sparkly in literally two minutes.

Best part? You can grab this at Walmart for UNDER $10 and clean your jewelry anytime, anywhere. We loveeee the advice from one wedding photographer on TikTok who posted about this product and said how she keeps them in her bag because so many brides forget to get their rings cleaned before wedding photos or the wedding day!

This formula is going to give instant, professional-like results and make your ring dazzle for any photo or special moment. Plus, it's the perfect little size to keep in your purse! Totally worth the hype.


tiktok products


ring cleaner


tiktok products

3. Tumbler

It’s 2023 and we’re getting our water in daily. If you’re looking for a huge tumbler that can hold 30 fl oz, fits in your cup holder, is dishwasher safe, keeps liquids cold, and has a lid…you’re probably thinking of a famous tumbler that starts with an S, right?

Instead, there’s a similar TikTok product at Walmart that's only $17 and is super comparable to the one we all know and love! This Tal tumbler has a comparable size and aesthetic look.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option to get your water in for the day this is a great tumbler that brings a lot of value and quality for the price.

tiktok products

4. Fruit zip slicer

This TikTok product is giving convenience and precision for meal prep and we’re here for it! Perfect for anyone with kids and needing a shortcut or even the salad lover, this handy device will halve several boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, or grapes with a single motion!

Found to be super quick, easy to use, and safe, this slicer is UNDER $15 and will save you a ton of time chopping. All you need to do is load in your small fruit or veggie and slide the handle to the opposite side!

It can take lots of inconvenient minutes to do what this does in seconds. If you're a busy mom on the go, or just a busy lady in general trying to eat clean, you've gotta try this slicer!!

fruit slicer
tiktok products
fruit slicer

5. Dry food dispenser

If it feels like everyone is reorganizing and decluttering their pantries on TikTok it’s because they are. Trending in kitchens all over is organization containers and getting rid of traditional food boxes and bags.

Looking for a hack to get your fave cereal, granola, or even rice quickly? These dispensers are such a cute way to store your dry goods and eliminate boxes that just don’t go with your aesthetic while quickly serving up your breakfast.

We LOVE that this TikTok product is mess-free and looks so pretty in your pantry! Plus, coming in at UNDER $30, this is a crazy good deal for two dispensers in one. Every twist is 1 oz making this easy for measuring or giving your little one the responsibility of pouring their own breakfast. These dispensers are all over TikTok and we think rightfully so! Worth their time in the spotlight.

tiktok products
dry food dispenser
tiktok products

6. Mini desk vacuum

Maybe it took ‘unprecedented times’ to make us all realize we need to level up our work spaces at home. If you’re finding yourself and your workspace super busy, this USB-rechargeable mini desktop vacuum is about to become your BFF!

Keeping every pesky piece of dust or crumbs from that lunch you swore you wouldn’t eat in front of the computer away, this vacuum actually works and it’s easy to store away when you’re not using it!

Priced UNDER $15, this perfectly rated TikTok product uses 500Pa of suction power, works for 35 minutes on a single charge, and is cordless for easy cleaning in between the keys on your keyboard!

Careful if you search this on TikTok, you could quickly fall down the black hole of cleaning videos and get a crazy urge to scrub your house top to bottom!!

desk vacuum
tiktok products
desk vacuum
tiktok products

7. Car detailing putty

This super viral putty is another cleaning hack that's totally worth adding to your list! Easily molding to fit every hard to reach crevice in your car, this putty will snatch crumbs, dust, hair, or anything needing to be cleaned in your vehicle.

When natural light hits in your car and you suddenly see all the dust hanging out on your dashboard (especially on black interiors) this is the BEST product to quickly roll over every surface! Walmart has this amazing set of 4 for just $14.99 which is a crazy good deal!

Helping your car stay fresh and clean, this viral putty is a simple solution to some of our messiest problems. You can use it in tons of places, but keeping it in the car is our favorite mom hack!

car putty
car cleaning putty
car cleaning putty

8. Mini bag sealer

If stale chips and crackers happen often at your house, skip the bag clips and seal a bag back up entirely with this miniature device! For less than $8 this does a worthwhile job at heating up to run across the top of your food bag, giving it a brand new, legitimate seal.

This sealer will help you waste less food by preserving everything longer! It’s also a great hack for moms of toddlers that can seemingly get their hands on just about anything. Since this re-seals completely, it's super convenient that this also has a side with a slicing feature so you can easily open + reseal your products each time.

bag resealer
tiktok products
bag resealer

9. Hanging trash can

There’s nothing quite like the little run we all seem to do in the kitchen when we’re cooking and swipe a handful of garbage into our hands to take over to the trash can. Or, you might even bring the trash can to the mess to slide everything in, but let’s be honest…things always fall on the floor.

In a stroke of TikTok genius, this hanging trash can was discovered and we can’t get enough! If you’re cooking a lot, stick this in a drawer or cabinet under the counter space that you’re cooking on and make cleanup SUPER easy during every meal.

This simple hero product is less than $10 and would even work great if you’re someone who likes to compost! Don’t worry about losing any floor space in the kitchen, this product is made out of durable plastic and won’t overcrowd your eating space!

tiktok product: hanging trash can
hanging trash can
tiktok product: hanging trash can

TikTok products that save you time, convenience, AND money

We hope you’re excited to try some of these genius products that went epically viral on TikTok for a good reason! Sometimes, it’s the small things in life that can make a huge difference so why not make this New Year a little easier on yourself?

Also, side note: if you ever need to buy a gift for someone – these are well-loved and super unique ideas!

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