the best deal on a blendtec blender

February 11, 2015

yesterday i posted a recipe for my green smoothie milkshake fake and gave away a blendtec designer series blender! we'll get to the winner in just a minute but first! the deal i promised:

the very best deal on a blendtec blender right now is on the blendtec total blender certified refurbished, with a wildside jar for $279.95 or the 4-sided jar for $259.95 (retail $400). plus if you buy through the link above you will automatically get free shipping at checkout!

i have both jars and honestly i use my 4-sided jar more than my wildside because i'm mostly making smoothies for just myself. and when i say just myself i mean i still make about 44 oz of green smoothie haha. the wildside jar is definitely great for more intense blending or if you are making for a crowd on the reg.

i've been using my blendtec total blender certified refurbished for two years now and it is the best thing since sliced bread. seriously. i have used that sucker hundreds and hundreds of times and it will blend down greens in a green smoothie like nobody's business. when i've traveled and tried to make my green smoothie milkshake fake with a low quality blender you can taste the spinach (ick!) but the blendtec will pulverize anything down to liquidation you can't believe.

but what about it being refurbished? honestly it comes in a box just like a normal blender and looks BRAND new and mine has always worked just like new too. but just in case, they have a killer 7 year warranty and i personally know someone who had a glitch with hers and sent it back, got a replacement right away – no questions asked.

i know yesterday i was raving about the blendtec designer 725 series blender and YES you can get a deal on a designer series blender too! the blendtec designer series refurbished is available for $379.95 and comes with that same 7 year warranty and if you buy from the link above you'll get free shipping automatically at checkout! 

now for the giveaway winner!

kelsey parsons you were randomly selected as our blendtec designer 725 series blender winner! please email me corrine(at) within 24 hours with the email address you used to enter the giveaway to claim your prize!

thanks to everyone else who participated! XO

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Is this comparable to the vitamix? Can it purée baby food?


way better than a vitamix actually! did you know that blendtec was the original and vitamix copied bledntec’s technology? anyway, YES it puree’s baby food too – i used mine to make tons of baby food for anabelle! read more about that in this post.


What are the differences besides the 2 blenders?


hi talia! that’s a great question. there’s a really helpful comparison chart on this page that will help you see the differences between the different blender models 🙂


Do you know how many ounces the container is? Is it as big as a vitamix? Thank you!


Oh my gosh, I am in disbelief; I’ve never won anything!!! I was just about to buy a different high-end blender, and I’m so glad that I didn’t. Thank you so so so much…emailing you now! (: (: (:


yay so excited for you!


I will be purchasing a blendtec today. so excited! would you recommend the 4 side jar or the wild side? (making mainly smoothies and baby food).


hey ally! i think for you the 4 side jar is all you need! you can always get the wildside later on if you decide you want that too 😉 but for smoothies & baby food i use my 4 sided jar most!


Can this model be used as a food processor also? Thank you for all your hard work with these reviews and great deals!!


hi jade, yes! you totally can 🙂 i use mine instead of my food processor all the time when i dont feel like dragging my cuisinart out of the pantry 😉

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