HOT! BEST DEAL on Squishmallows for Amazon Prime Early Access!

SQUISHMALLOWS – have you heard of these? It's all my kids are talking about, and they're on sale for the BEST deal I've ever seen. If you have a child in your home between the ages of oh I don't know, 4 and 14, they're probably obsessed, and they're probably going to ask Santa for one of these.


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Should I wait for the ACTUAL Black Friday?


Today during the Amazon Early Access Sale, you can get Sqiushmallows for 30% off here at $10-13 (reg. $15-25). These are the lowest prices I've ever seen and my girls, all 3 of them, are absolutely OBSESSED with these. They're at the very top of their Christmas wish lists for this year! They're super squishy and soft and also multi-function as a pillow so if you're traveling anywhere over the holidays, your kid can take this as their pillow and stuffy all at once.

They even have DISNEY character squishmallows, like Minnie, Abu, Olaf and Steamboat Willie Mickey!

minnie pillow

Run before the deal ends!

These are bound to sell out quickly today, so if you have a kid who wants one of these for Christmas this year, definitely don't wait! I predict these could be some of the toys that Santa's factory runs out of this year.

We've rounded up some of the cutest ones on sale today below. Make sure to grab them before they sell out!

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