QUICK GUIDE to Shopbop’s ginormous sale!!!

One of my faaaaavorite retailers Shopbop just launched a ginormous sale and I’ll be honest, it’s overwhelming! There are THOUSANDS of items on their site, and almost all of them are eligible for this amazing discount. SO as a team we picked through every. single. thing. and found you all the cutest stuff so you could jump on here, spend a few minutes, shop the best stuff in one quick stop, and be on your way!

This AMAZING deal starts today, and ends on April 14th at 11:59 PM. And every year the cutest stuff gets picked over at the beginning so you want to shop ASAP! Here are the details for the Shopbop Sale:

Save 20% off all orders under $500
Save 25% off all orders of $500 or more
Use the code EVENT18 at checkout!

Grey Frill Tee (sold out), similar
Grey Crossbody Purse

Green Fleet Jacket
Pink Skinny Jeans 20-25% off w/ code EVENT18
Taupe Flats,
Photos by Arielle Levy

I absolutely LOVE these pink skinny jeans, and you can save 20-25% on them right now, making them SUPER affordable at $66-70 (orig $88). I have worn these pink skinnies over and over and have never found a pair of pink pants that I love as much as these.

AG legging ankle jeans (sold out), similar 20-25% off w/ code EVENT18
Karen Walker sunnies 20-25% off w/ code EVENT18
Diet Coke sweatshirt 20-25% off w/ code EVENT18
hot pink tory bag (sold out), similar 20-25% off w/ code EVENT18
Block heel sandals (sold out in pink, but 20-25% off in black or nude w/ code EVENT18)

I clearly have an obsession with Diet Coke, which means I clearly have an obsession with this sweatshirt, ha! There are so many good discounts in this picture of fave things like Karen Walker sunnies or these block heel sandals that are actually quite comfy and on sale in a couple really great neutrals!

We rounded up all our very very faves from the gigantic Shopbop Sale so you could find the cutest, best stuff FAST before it sells out. See all the best of the Shopbop Sale below!!

Clothing faves:



Accessories faves:

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