Episode 067: Susie Allison from Busy Toddler: independent play and tips for littles learning at home

Susie Allison, a former kindergarten and 1st grade teacher, now stay at home mom, is also the genius creator of the account busy toddler that has amassed almost a million followers on Instagram at the time of this recording. Susie shares tips on keeping toddlers happily busy with independent play based on projects that will cost $5 or less, using many things you probably have in your home already. Today Susie shares with us so much of her wisdom about getting kids to play independently, schedules, TV time, childhood development through play and learning, and what her advice is for parents who are trying to keep their littles busy during quarantine or anytime you’re spending many hours at home. Susie has been featured on the Today show, people, time magazine, and I’m super grateful to have her as a guest on mint arrow messages today too.

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Show Notes:
Busy Toddler website
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