Episode 173: The Power of Collective Prayer

When horrible, unexplainable evil and tragedy happens in the world, what do you turn to? I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but I used to seriously question whether a little prayer from me could actually make a difference in something that happens halfway across the country, or the world. That all changed 3 years ago when our family was lifted by the prayers of so many people who don't know us personally but wanted us to feel comfort and peace during an unimaginably painful time. I would invite you today to listen to this episode with an open heart and mind and that you'll hear the message that is meant for you.


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Time Stamps:

[00:42] – Corrine opens a conversation about using her voice to speak on tragic events.

[03:17] – Corrine once felt that collective prayers for tragic events seemed hollow and cliche.

[05:05] – When did Corrine change her mind about collective prayer?

[07:23] – Neil talks about the power of collective prayer during a hard time for the family.

[10:15] – Corrine mentions what comment on social media made her think about those who don’t feel as connected to collective prayer in tragic times.

[12:41] – Corrine shares a miracle that was only possible by prayer.

[15:17] – Corrine talks about following a nudge she had to ask for prayers, despite not knowing if it’ll make a difference.

[17:57] – Sometimes we need collective experiences with faith and prayer to strengthen our trust in miracles.

[20:38] – Corrine talks about the power of praying for the leaders guiding the country.

[23:22] – If we believe in an omnipotent and omnipresent God, why would we not seek God’s guidance?

[25:42] – Neil explores the definition of prayer and discusses the relationship cultivated through prayer.

[27:58] – Faith is active by the channel of prayer. Prayer is a two-way communication.

[30:46] – Why don’t all miracles happen? Does it have to do with an individual’s faith?

[32:39] – Hard times help us gain character, compassion, faith, and much more.

[34:53] – Neil brings attention to understanding the nature of God. How do we step outside of ourselves?

[36:56] – Exercise a practice of being rooted in prayer.

[39:47] – Each prayer you say contributes to a greater faith. No prayer is wasted.

[41:56] – Expect miracles.

[43:39] – When you look back, you’ll see countless miracles throughout your life.


Supporting Resources:

Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, puts out a proclamation and declares a day of prayer, humility, and fasting.

President Russell M. Nelson’s message on US National Day of Prayer.

“Prayer, the Passport to Spiritual Power” from the life of Spencer W. Kimball

“Tragedy or Destiny?” from the life of Spencer W. Kimball

Definition of prayer from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Bible Dictionary


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