Episode 171: The Heartbeat in Your Business with Rio Grange

Rio Grange lives in the small town of Hailey, ID with her husband and three children, where they appreciate the slower pace and beautiful mountain community.

In the spring of 2018, she founded Work + Wonder, where her devotion to God meets her passion for design.

Weaving together her roles as a mother, artist, and business owner has been a beautifully chaotic journey—full of countless lessons learned and tender mercies along the way.

Today Rio and I get to have a chat all about her “why” behind Work and Wonder, how she feels God nudged her to really start this work, how the gospel has helped her deal with real life challenges, including losing her dad to suicide, and how she's now honoring his memory with a beautiful table book just in time for Father's Day. This interview left me feeling spiritually full to the brim and I hope it does for you, too.


Time Stamps:

[00:57] – Rio Grange’s two greatest passions are graphic design and the gospel.

[03:15] – Rio talks about being nervous to go into business. How did she make her final decision?

[06:10] – When you feel compelled to do something, negative narratives may come to disrupt you.

[07:52] – How did Rio stick to her idea of starting a magazine?

[10:08] – Rio hopes to make the magazine more “community created”.

[11:40] – Things aren’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

[13:46] – Rio says she is grateful for the bond she continues to develop with her community through positivity and vulnerability.

[16:02] – What helps Rio be compassionate to other people’s stories?

[17:36] – Rio recalls a part of her life that is an exercise of vulnerability.

[20:00] – You never know who will resonate with the story you share.

[22:25] – You don’t need to be perfect. Imperfections help connect us.

[24:18] – If you’re going to chase something, chase the right priorities.

[26:25] – The more we trust the Lord, the more the Lord can work in our favor.

[28:24] – The power of simple faith.

[30:54] – What inspired Rio’s table book?

[33:38] – Rio talks about remembering the root of God’s creation. How did this influence her content?

[36:33] – Rio gives a shout out to her sister for helping with the book.

[38:14] – What are Rio’s thoughts on the connection between God and nature?

[40:57] – Corrine expresses her feelings on combining content and spirituality.

[42:53] – Never underestimate small efforts.

[44:40] – Rio talks about staying connected to the community.


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