Episode 165: Orbits: You Are Right Where You’re Supposed To Be

Have you ever had an experience where you stop and think, there’s no chance that that was a coincidence? Today we’re going to talk about orbits, and how the Lord puts us in certain orbits so that we can influence each other for good and make his purposes happen. We’re sharing some personal stories, in the past and recently too, about how certain people were placed in our path, or orbit, to work out the details of our lives and show us that God really is in charge.


Time Stamps:

[00:34] – Your precise human orbit illuminates the landscape of your individual life.

[02:54] – Corrine tells a story of “chaos”.

[05:07] – How did chaos turn into alignment?

[07:36] – The opportunities that overlap are meant to be.

[10:33] – If everything was predetermined, there’d be no need for agency. What’s the difference between predetermined and foreordination?

[12:39] – Neil shares a story of “coincidence”.

[15:25] – How did coincidence turn into a purposeful message?

[17:32] – Things don’t happen by chance.

[19:03] – Corrine talks about her persistence when sending support to Ukraine.

[21:48] – Corrine kept trying to figure out how to get the monetary support to its destination.

[24:29] – What was the orbit overlap that allowed the monetary support to finally be sent?

[27:29] – Corrine recaps all the orbit overlaps that helped in her story. What are her thoughts?

[30:10] – There’s nothing impossible for miracles that are coming your way.

[32:56] – Miracles are reassurances.

[34:49] – Receive personal revelation so you can live to your maximum potential.

[36:43] – Each of us still has many chapters to write in our life.


Supporting Resources:

“The Tender Mercies of the Lord” Talk by David A. Bednar


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